EU to vote on changes to Dublin 2 Agreement

Monday, 11 Apr 2016, 10:43


The European Parliament is set to call for an end to the rule whereby the first country a migrant enters becomes responsible for processing their asylum application, saying this places disproportionate pressure on border states such as Malta.

A  centralised asylum system would allow the EU to manage the increasing flows of migrants and asylum seekers better says a draft resolution which MEPs will debate and vote upon on Tuesday. MEPs advocate safe and lawful ways for third-country nationals to enter the Union without risking their lives and resorting to human smugglers.

The report enjoys broad cross-party support and is expected to pass with a large majority. It includes sections on search and rescue, people smuggling, returns, relocation, integration, security, resettlement and tackling root causes of migration.

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Comments (1)

Amanda Wood

- Mon 11-Apr-2016, 12:19

Yet another way for the EU to take away the rights of any country to do what is in their best interest. The EU is nothing more than a dictatorship!