Why study English abroad?

Let’s be honest, it can be hard to fit time into your daily life to focus on something new. It doesn’t really matter what, finding time to go to the gym, or to learn to dance or practice your favourite hobby can be hard.

This is why many people choose to study something new in a completely different environment. By stepping out of their daily routines, they can find the time and energy to focus on that new thing. It is a great way to learn a new language. It is even better if that new environment is one where you are forced to speak the new language.

Where to learn English as a second language?

There are many locations around the world that have well known schools and structures in place for language students. Cities such as London, Dublin and New York and well known.

However, it will come as no surprise that these are very expensive cities to visit for any length of time. The overall cost of studying in London for example, will be much higher than the same length of time spent in Malta.

Another factor that may help you decide on a location is the weather. Malta is obviously in the Mediterranean Sea and has more than 300 days of sunshine every year. If you choose to study in Malta and do not have sunshine, you will have been very unlucky. Even in January and February, there will be some sunny days every week.

Why should I learn English in Malta?

Maltese language schools are very well established and attract students from around the world. Classes are often filled with between six and twelve different nationalities. Such a wide range of people often have little in common, but they are all learning English together! As they are forced to speak with people around them, they have no choice but to use their new English words and ideas.

At a Maltese language school, you will find yourself thrust into speaking English. Each day you will have formal lessons to help you improve, you will also have classmates that you will practice with. On top of that, the tasks of daily life in Malta will mostly need you to practice speaking English. Simple tasks like buying a bar of chocolate or getting on a bus will require your to read, listen to and speak in English. How far you push yourself will be up to you, but you will have every chance to improve while you are in Malta.

Your formal classes each day will incorporate reading and writing, because these are skills that you are less likely to learn otherwise. But the classes will also help with your listening, speaking, accents and comprehension. Malta is a great place to learn English!

Can I learn English by myself?

Yes, of course you can! The only problem is that your progress will be slower. Having people around you all day that you must speak English with is going to speed up your learning.

Is business English important?

Most international companies now use English as their internal language. By doing this, they open themselves up to employing staff from many, many nationalities. This means that as the years pass, the ability to speak English fluently in a business setting will be vital to every career.

How to practice business English?

Unfortunately, business English is something that you really need to be good at before you start working for an international company. Everyone understands that we learn and develop with time in the working environment. However, we all need to have a good level of English before we start the job.

Getting that practice is not easy. This is why teachers with years of business experience are employed in Malta to help you get the basics in place. If you want to attend classes that focus on business language, we can help you to select the best school and course for your needs.

Who will I meet while I study?

We can help you to select a school and course that will be right for you. There are lots of younger students that come to Malta, aged between 14 and 25, but there are many classes for older students if you do not want to spend your days with teenagers.

English language schools in Malta are well developed and some have been in business for decades. Their marketing efforts are now global. This means that throughout the year they attract students from more than 100 countries. Unless you choose otherwise, there will be students in your class from many other countries and cultures.

Learning English in Malta is a great way to meet new people from around the world.

Will I have fun while I learn English?

Yes, of course! While you are in Malta there will be things to do outside of the classroom. For example, you might choose to visit historic sites, such as the capital city, Valletta. You might choose to go to the beach, swim and enjoy the wonderful Maltese weather. Your classmates and fellow students might go to dinner, out for drinks and dancing, or for walks at sunset. There are many fun things that you can do while practicing English in Malta.

Can I bring people with me?

Yes, of course! Many English language schools are able to host groups of students. People come to Malta to study English with every type of goal. Some people come to Malta alone. Some people come with their family. Some people come as part of a small or large group. We have heard of groups of over 100 students coming to Malta to learn English! We can help you to find the right school and the right apartments to house you for your stay.

Should I learn English in Sliema or St Julians?

There are language schools across Malta, but over the years many have congregated in Sliema and St Julians. Being small, Malta is not able to host people everywhere. The majority of entertainment – bars, restaurants, shops and nightclubs – can be found in St Julians and Sliema. Most students want to have some fun as well as study, so the schools have focused on finding locations where their students can have a great time and learn.

There are other parts of the country that host English language schools that might be a great fit for you and your needs, but most people prefer to be based in Sliema or St Julians during their stay. We recommend that you find a school in one of these two areas if you can.

Where will I stay?

There are many options. We can help you to arrange to stay with a family in their spare bedroom, or to share a room or an apartment, or to have an apartment to yourself. Each option has a different cost, but we can help you to fit your studies and stay into your budget.

We will help you to choose a location that is close to your school so that each day you can walk to and from your classes easily and quickly.

How much will it cost to learn English in Malta?

There is obviously no general answer to this question. The costs people pay to learn English in Malta will vary. Students that stay longer normally receive a discounted weekly price. Students that come to Malta in high season – July and August – will pay more because the demand for apartments is much higher. Students that choose a more advanced business course will normally pay more for tuition than for a beginners class.

Despite that, many students choose to come to Malta because the prices are normally much lower than a similar course in London, Oxford or Dublin.

Our process is simple. We will speak to you about your wants and needs and your budget. Then we will do our best to find a way to match them to give you the best chance possible to improve your English. If your budget is higher or lower, it will be possible to adjust the number of weeks you spend learning to meet your financial needs.

Will I need a visa to study English in Malta?

Citizens of an EU member state can travel to Malta without needing a visa. Malta is a member of the Schengen Area, which means that a visa to Malta also enables travel to other Schengen countries. Students that come from far away, such as south America, often choose to study in Malta and use some of their weekends to visit cities such as Paris, Amsterdam and Barcelona.

A great example of this is Rome, the Italian capital. Ryanair flies direct to Rome everyday and the price of flights start at around 20 euros per person each way. That’s right! You can come to Malta and visit Rome.

This is a great benefit to choosing Malta. Students that choose the UK or Ireland, for example, will not have the same rights. Since both the UK and Ireland are outside of the Schengen Area, a new separate visa would be needed to visit Europe and see Paris or Brussels or Berlin.

If you decide to study in Malta and you will need a visa, the language schools can help you through the process. There are so many students that come from around the world that the schools know the process very well and can speed up the process for you.

Is Malta the right choice for me?

Just answer these questions to find out:

Do I really want and need to improve my English skills?
Do I want to meet new and interesting people from around the world?
Do I want to study but also have a mini holiday in the sunshine?
Do I want to have fun?
Do I need my study to be more affordable than in a big city?
Do I want to be able to visit other European cities while I am staying in Malta?

If the answer to these questions is yes, just click on the link below, send us your details and let us help you to choose the right school, course and accommodation to suit both your needs and your budget.