What Are The Most Fun Things To Do In Malta?

Having lived in Malta for years, we have had the chance to do almost everything that there is to do in Malta and Gozo. We have tried many of the best and the worst activities available. Though this site’s founders live in Sliema and St Julians, we have seen almost all of Malta and Gozo.

This site is dedicated to helping visitors – either coming on holiday, or moving to the country – to find fun things to do and especially to study or learn. Below you will find brief overviews of our recommendations of top activities and the links to other pages on MaltaStar.com where we have written many more details.

We hope that you enjoy this website and find a fun activity to make your time in Malta the best that it can be.

Learn English In Malta

There are many thousands of people each year that come to Malta to take an intensive English language study course. English schools in Malta are actually a surprisingly large sector of the economy.

These courses start at just one week and can last as long as the student wants and needs it to. We have heard of people spending a full year in Malta to take English lessons! Whatever length of stay you need in Malta, we and our partners can help you with every step of the process. At the first stage, choosing the school and type of course that most suits your needs. We can also help to arrange your accommodation to be sure that it is in a convenient location and suits your needs. If you need it, advice on securing a visa to visit Malta can also be offered.

This will help you to plan your stay as effectively as possible, so that you can get the most out of your study – both in terms of learning English and having fun – and get the most out of your budget.

To be as helpful as we can, we have published content in English, Italian, Spanish and Portugese, to help visitors understand their options as well as possible.

Would You Like To Work In Gaming And Betting?

One of the largest sectors of the Maltese economy is the igaming and betting industry. A substantial proportion of the world’s gaming firms have some sort of base in Malta. This means that there is substantial demand for a wide range of people, skills and services.

Here at MaltaStar.com we have teamed up with one of the most successful and best connected gaming recruitment companies to provide confidential introductions to a wide range of positions.

Gaming firms are generally very good to work for. They are normally founded and operated by people that like to have fun. Sure, there is business to be done and everyone works hard, but there is normally a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. When this is combined with the kinds of perks that gaming firms like – trips, drinks, meals out and a young intelligent workforce – your work can be interesting, rewarding and fun again.

The economics and management of the gaming sector is very focused on the Nordic countries which means that there is a near permanent need for applicants from Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Germany. If you have the kinds of skills that might be useful to a modern digital business and would like to move your life to sunshine and the Mediterranean, why not dust off your cv and get in contact. (English speakers should click this link).

Do You Want To Learn To Sail In Malta?

Malta is so small that you can’t avoid seeing the Mediterranean Sea from much of the island. The close proximity means that most Maltese and residents feel quite connected to the sea. For some people, this just means enjoying the view with friends, a meal and a drink. Many other people sail.

Malta has a number of marinas – such as those at Msida and Vittoriosa – and many sailing boats moored. There are also several RYA approved sailing schools and teachers permanently based here. The great weather and clear blue sea makes Malta a wonderful location to learn to sail and really enjoy the experience.

We have teamed up with a local RYA sailing instructor to help you. She will help you to understand and select the most appropriate course and then be your teacher while on the island. If she cannot teach – she might, for example, have other students on the dates you prefer – she can make the right introductions to book your trip and course with one of the other trusted teachers. Just click this link to visit our sailing school page and learn more.

Learn Freediving, Spearfishing And Snorkelling In Malta

In recent years Gozo has been recognised as one of the best dive sites in both Europe and the world. There are a small number of locations that really stand out. Gozo’s landscape means that there are locations where beginners can feel at ease and be very safe while they learn and enjoy the experience. There are other locations where more advanced swimmers can push themselves.

We have teamed up with Malta’s freediving community to offer several amazing types of experience. Beginners can be taken snorkelling by a local with years of experience who will talk you through the local fish and marine life. He is also the only person in Malta to teach spearfishing! We have tried and failed at it – it really is not easy – but it is certainly a challenging and fun thing to do in Malta. He and a business partner teach freediving and have a superb reputation. The partner is a former freediving World Champion, so they are incredibly experienced. Just click this link to visit our freediving in Malta page to learn more.

Photograph (c) ScheiMedia.