Could This Be You?

Would you like to experience some of the best diving waters in the world as you learn to freedive?
In recent years the Maltese islands have been repeatedly voted as some of the best diving water in the world. In fact, in 2017, Malta was voted the 2nd best diving location in the world!

If you love to dive, Malta and Gozo really must be on your list of places to visit and you must come freediving in Malta!

Come Freediving In Malta And Learn About Yourself

It is possible to take just a single day of freediving instruction in Malta. However, it is hopefully obvious that much more progress will come from several days of training and practice. Therefore, the local teachers also offer three day and week-long courses.

Freediving is an amazing experience that challenges everyone who tries it. The act of swimming for more than one minute without breathing goes against everything we know and understand as humans. You will need to learn an intense form of relaxation, to be able to calm your mind, focus on the challenge at hand and be patient enough to do what you have to do. Few other sports force us to do this. Freediving is a great way to learn greater self-control and personal insight. Some people we know find a sense of spirituality in it.

Is Gozo The Best Place To Go Free Diving In The Mediterrean Sea?

Malta’s smaller island, Gozo, is now home to several professional freediving teachers, including one former World Champion. It doesn’t get much better than learning free diving in the Mediterranean Sea. Gozo is also home to a famous ‘Blue Hole’ that can be swum, snorkelled, or dived into for a magical experience.

What Will You Learn When You Come To Free Dive In Malta?

Our teachers will help you to start slow and build up your confidence. There is no denying it, freediving can be both scary and dangerous. Our goal is to help you understand what you need to do and how to behave. We start by explaining and showing on land, where nothing can go wrong. Then we build your understanding further by practicing in a normal home swimming pool. In a shallow swimming pool, as you practice and learn, if you feel uncomfortable at any time you can simply stand up!

Gradually, we move at your pace into the sea. Firstly, to a shallow spot and then gradually into deeper water. Malta is blessed to have some very secluded inlets that are ideal for novice swimmers, divers and snorkellers. We often use these quiet locations to get started. The speed we progress at depends totally upon how comfortable and confident you feel. That is something that we will learn and find out as a part of your journey into freediving. It won’t take long and you will be doing things like this:

Half-Day Snorkelling Tours In Gozo

As keen as we are about freediving, we recognise that it is not for everyone. For groups and families with children that want to see some great sights we can also help you to arrange a formal snorkelling tour. These will normally last around three hours and show some of the most amazing sights from relative comfort. With experienced and qualified trainers, you will be under expert supervision while seeing the best that Gozo can offer, from surface level. If you know you will be in Gozo on certain dates, please use the form to get in contact and we can ensure that you have a booking and will get to see everything.

Learn Spearfishing From Malta’s Only Teacher

Spearfishing is a very traditional activity in Malta. The Maltese have been diving for fish for generations. It is quite common to see people with harpoons in their cars early in the morning or around dusk.

However, spearfishing is actually very difficult to do. Fish are constantly aware and have an ability to vanish at the first sign of danger. There are some very specific skills needed to be able to spearfish successfully. Even then, most of the time, luck plays a part.

One of our teachers is the only person that formally teaches spearfishing in Malta. Luckily, the water is usually so clear that it is possible for a newcomer to learn and actually have a chance of catching something on your first day. Of course, you might not!

If you would like to learn spearfishing, for one or more days while in Malta, please click the link at the bottom of this page and fill in your details on the form that follows. We will pass your details to our partner and he will help you to arrange to fit some hands on fishing into your trip.

Where Should You Stay?

Let us help you to arrange your stay so that you are conveniently located and ready for action each day. While we totally agree that the whole point is to relax and have a great time, there is no reason to accidentally choose accomodation that is too far away, just to save a few euros each night.

For a quieter holiday that is totally focused on freediving, we recommend that you stay in Gozo. We will have easy access to the best locations, such as Dwejra, because Gozo is very small and it is easy to get around.

OK! I Want To Come To Malta To Learn. Now What?

At this stage, we ask that you click on the link below and enter your details into the form. Those details will be passed onto our partners. They are the people that will actually be teaching you when you come to Malta or Gozo. (You really should choose Gozo – it is a wonderful experience and the water is amazing!) If you have any questions, you can ask them. They will help you understand the costs to book and stay locally. Then, if you wish to proceed, they will help you book and get organised for an amazing holiday.