PM: Citizenship scheme will go ahead

At a press conference on Thursday afternoon Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said that the government had noted the vote in the European parliament on the citizenship scheme but it would still be retained in Malta.

Dr Muscat said it had been made clear in the debate in Brussels that the granting of citizenship was a matter of national competence.

The government, he said, had been elected to govern in the national interest. It was elected to bring about change and to raise living standards.

The Individual Investor Programme would help Malta achieve those aims, yielding a thousand million euro which would go into a fund for development in various sectors including social development, education, health  and innovation, as well as job creation.

The programme, said Dr Muscat was a compromise from the original programme and one which had been agreed after the governemnt heard suggestions by the regulator of financial services and the Chamber of Commerce, among others.

Other countries had similar programmes, Dr Muscat insisted and stressed that the European Parliament vote was non-binding.

The Prime Minister slammed the Opposition Leader Simon Busuttil and the Nationalist MEP's for working against Malta and for "selling Malta".

Dr Muscat said that a number of people had already applied for the Citizenship programme and projects that would be implemented from funds raised would be announced next week.

The Prime Minister announced that Godwin Grima (former head of the civil service) would soon be formally appointed to oversee the programme.

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Comments (9)

l fenech

- Sat 18-Jan-2014, 16:06

With our PM Joseph Muscat never a dull moment.

With fresh ideas and initiatives he will become the envy of the other 26 EU countries.

Malta is proud of such a leader and his crew.

Anthony Micallef

- Sat 18-Jan-2014, 09:12

Il-Malti jghid Hadd ma jahsillek wiccek biex tigi ahjar minnu. Dear Dr Muscat Ignore the PN and its loud mouths they have always been il-laghqa tal-barrani. Carry on with what you are doing and show them that Malta though small in size is an admirable country with what 1 can do . Let the PN sink further and deeper so that we shall be rid of them for ever.

Full speed ahead

- Fri 17-Jan-2014, 14:16

Dear Prime Minister you have let the E.U realize that like Mrs. Margaret Thatcher you have the guts and stamina to stand up for Malta's rights. I bet my last two cents that other EU countries will adopt similar programs, and history will repeat itself just as when all the Western powers recognized Communist China in 1972 immediately after Malta did so.
Please go full speed ahead before other competitors follow suite. Then All the Maltese people will name and shame those that in the hour of Malta's need, not only did they keep their mouth shut, but did their utmost to spoil this investment program. History will judge these people for all their endeavor to disrupt this investment program.

Rennie Degiorgio

- Fri 17-Jan-2014, 12:16

People will have to wait and see how much this initiative by the PL will be beneficial to Malta. I read several blocks on the web and some people and getting more disgusted by the way the PN used its MEP to condemn Malta in the EP. After all many other European countries have similar schemes, so why this fuss because Malta is interested in such a scheme.


- Thu 16-Jan-2014, 18:48

I fully support our PM Dr Joseph Muscat in the inplementation of the Citizenship with Investment Scheme and urge him to disregard the infamous stand taken against our dear counrtry by a bunch of besotted idiots mouthing European ideals.
Firstly it serves to alleviate the financial and fiscal burdens imposed by the Nationalists on the common people and use the funds obtained to bring about projects for all the country and not for the privileged few. In fact I urge him to keep up the Scheme until all the hideous amount of Public Debt squandered by the Nationalsts is zereod and thus show them and the European Parliament who is boss on our Island.
The Socilaists speak of European ideals. What are anti Semitism nazism fascism and the institution of slavery and colonialism on other peoples even the Chineseun whom thet imposed two wars to continue exporting opium to that country.
I though that one of the tenets of Socialism was Internationality. Apparently the present Eurosocilaists have forgotten about it. But when FRance declared that it considered tis former colonies French territory and millions of North Africans Malis and other French peop;es emiagraged to France nobody mentioned European citizenship. This also applies to Spain and the Canary Islnds, not to mentions Great Britain and the Commonwealth nations.
Keep it up Mr Prime Minister and please use your clout of NINE majority in Parliament to bury the local neo-fascists.


- Thu 16-Jan-2014, 18:02

ibqa sejjer fuq it-triq maghzula Prim.
Jidher li fl-EP kullhadd sar dejjaq

George Farrugia.

- Thu 16-Jan-2014, 17:30

Hold on to your proposal.You know what you are doing.Time will tell.The P N expects what they have not done will be made in a short time.They have always been against so many good things.

mario gauci

- Thu 16-Jan-2014, 17:25

lill prim issa daqsek dialogu prim dawn qabzu il-limitu b'dak id-diskors kontra malta issehilhomx aktar ghall dialogu ghax ghall xejn dawn nies pastasi u arroganti ejja ha ntuwhom il-patata ha nmexxu prim malta warajk dawn flus missruqa lill poplu jekk ma taghmiliex din issa . no more tollerance sejjah il-vot ha jaghddi .dawn il-biljun ewro ma s-sibhomx fit-triq trid tkun hdimt ghalijhom b'halma qieghed tghamel grazzi.


- Thu 16-Jan-2014, 17:25

I voted PN in the last election and would vote PL in the upcoming MEP elections, the PN under Busuttil is becoming ridiculous. go ahead Dr Muscat you have a mandate to change and no EU parliament and/or minority leader can have the right to stop you, ultimately in 5 years time the people will judge but as things are it seems you can already add my vote to the 36000 majority already obtained.

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