The Prime Minister pays tribute to Enrico Mizzi

Friday, 20 Sep 2013, 11:34


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Prime Minister,Joseph Muscat this morning laid flowers at the bust of former Prime Minister Enrico Mizzi in Saint John's Square on the 128th anniversary of the his birth.

Enrico Mizzi was born in Valletta on 20 September 1885. Before World War II he was Minister of Industry and Commerce, Agriculture, Fisheries, Post and Education. He was also leader of the Nationalist Party.

During the Second World War he was illegally deported to Uganda by the British government. That lasted for three years.

Became Prime Minister on 26 September 1950 but died only three months later. He remains the only Prime Minister who died while he was in office.

It is the intention  Prime Minister Joseph Muscat in the coming months to pay tribute to former Prime Ministers of Malta who are no longer living.

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