Irregular migrants in Malta with Italian Visas

KullHadd newspaper reports that a number of irregular migrants are entering Malta with Italian Visas. This information was brought to light during an interview with a migrant from Niger who has been living in Malta for over five years.

The 37 year old migrant alleges that irregular migrants from Italy are coming to Malta, with most of them ending up working illegally and even taking up residence in the various open centres strewn around Malta. The migrant alleges that it’s hard to keep tabs on all the migrants who enter and leave the open centres daily.

The migrant, who works legally as an electrician with a local contractor, reveals that his work colleagues include nine other African immigrants. Of these, only two had entered illegally into Malta. The other seven are all migrants from Italy, who came to Malta legally after being given temporary visas by the Italian government.

In fact, the Italian government had adopted a policy back in 2011 which gave irregular migrants temporary visas to travel around most of Europe. This policy had almost caused a diplomatic incident with France, which at the time had suspended all train services from Italy in a bid to stop irregular migrants to cross into France with their Italian visas.

Over two years later, there seems to be no system in place which is stopping these migrants from entering Malta by means of their Italian visas. While these migrants can come to Malta, the migrants who had entered Malta’s shores illegally are not able to leave the island, because they are not given a Visa by the Maltese authorities.

The migrant who spoke to KullHadd explained that this situation is increasing Malta’s immigration problem , as it is forced to continue to take in migrants who come legally by plane with temporary visas, as well as those who enter illegally ‘by boat’. On the other hand, the immigrants who had entered Malta years ago are still unable to leave.

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Comments (15)


- Thu 15-Aug-2013, 10:30

Ghamlu referendum u neqtghuha darba ghal dejjem - dawk favur li l-imigranti jintbaghtu lura u dawk favur li jinzammu hawn.
B'hekk il-gvern ikollu is-sahha inkondizjonata tal-Poplu fuq x'hiex jibbaza id-decizzjoni tieghu u dawk kollha li jopponu, specjalment jekk ma jofrux solluzzjonijiet ta' vera, ikunu qeghdin jiksru il-ligi u jinzammu personalment responsabli ghal ghemmilhom. Kull min jopponi ghal referendum ghandu raggunijiet ulterjuri u zgur ma jixtieqx il-gid ta' dan in-Nazzjon.

l fenech

- Mon 12-Aug-2013, 11:14

Sewwa, mela Cecilia Malstrom lesta biex tghin l'Italia fl'imgranti illegai ghax l'Italia ma tridx aktar u lil-Malta fuq informazzjoni hazina tordnalna li naccettawhom.

Wicc ghandha ghiduli inthom?

H Galea

- Mon 12-Aug-2013, 09:00

Are we discrimating against these people. If Italy issued visas, then we should comply, otherwise , we are not part of the 27.

M Vella

- Mon 12-Aug-2013, 08:58

@Jason,Thank you for the information,very informative,Prosit


- Mon 12-Aug-2013, 05:45

We seems that we are creating a storm in a tea cup. We have ample of places where we can accomodate these guests such as stella maris collage, st edwards, san alwigi, st monica,de la salle, st joseph st michaeland so many others. Instead of letting them looking for jobs the ngo's will open a job centre. Floriana poly clinic will carrying on given priorty to them. And the locals?......well they go to xatt it tiben repairing the boats they came in with and sail to new destiny.


- Sun 11-Aug-2013, 18:23

Stop all third countries nationals contracts and check all Africans coming in from Italy and send them back.

Extremely heavy fines must be imposed on those employing them.

Send all illegal immigrants OUT of Malta back to their own countries.

Somalia is now quiet, they have an elected President and Parliament and a Constitution agree to by the people.

They are being encouraged to go back and Kenya has signed an agreement for their repatriation. More than half a million have already returned from Kenya.
Go rebuild your country, Ruto urges Somalis
Kenya, Somalia sign pact for refugees return

Do you know that we have 1 AFRICAN ILLEGAL IMIGRANT for every 20 Maltese citizens?

Do you know that as someone else on other media has observed, there are more Somalis per sq/km in Malta than there are Somalis in Somalia?
In Somalia There are 16,12 Somalis per sq km
In Malta there are already 16.66 Somalis per sq km.
Swiss back tighter asylum rules

Switzerland one asylum seeker for every 332 Swiss inhabitants.

EU average one asylum seeker for every 625 inhabitants.

Malta [as per UNHCR data 5,200 immigrants } one Somali asylum seeker for every 73 Maltese inhabitants.

UNHCER data is fake as we have more than 16,000 illegal immigrants so we have at least 1 illegal immigrant for every 24 Maltese citizens or even less.

The following refers to foreign radio amateurs operating in Somalia. If foreign radio amateurs can operate in Somalia there is certainly no danger, especially to Somalis unless they are on the run from the authorities for sometyhing they have done.
Somalia Operation Approved for DXCC Credit

There are also no problems in Ethiopia. see this article by the Radio Society of Great Britain.

Yasme Foundation approves transceiver grant for Ethiopians rsgb | August 2, 2013

The Yasme Foundation Board of Directors has approved a grant to be used to purchase amateur radio transceivers for three members of the Ethiopian Amateur Radio Society. Ethiopia came back on the air in 2011 with the re-opening of the Ethiopian Amateur Radio Society station ET3AA. The Yasme Foundation issued a grant to pay the fees associated with licence examinations for 25 members of that club but under Ethiopian regulations they could not receive a licence without proof of ownership of an amateur radio station. This latest Yasme grant is a step in getting individual Ethiopian amateurs back on the air.

If radio amateurs are licensed and can communicate with the rest of the world, then there is peace and there is certainly no danger for the Ethiopians to be returned.

When are they also going to be returned.

Please Dr Muscat stiop being fed rubbish by the NGOs and return all to sender.

l fenech

- Sun 11-Aug-2013, 18:08

L'Italia qed titlob ghajnuna lil EU fuq l'affari tal immigranti illegali ghax taf li hemm eluf ta libjani lesti biex jisbarkaw lejn il-mediterran.

mark cassar

- Sun 11-Aug-2013, 17:24

It is also the case and esp. so with regard to Mali nationals not only Italian visas also French.
I have been flagging this issue for the last two years.These people live 8 to each app.for 85 euro/month. Good workers overall.
Going rate 5 euro/hour.


- Sun 11-Aug-2013, 16:55

What about Nigerians entering in Malta with EU Passports to play Competitive Football ??


- Sun 11-Aug-2013, 13:56

they do not pass tru the door and pass tru the window.if i was the prime minister i would issue a type of id card to know what we have in the island and make the soldiers make spot checks and then stop to see who has these special i.d cards to relly count how many immigrants are on our they can enter illegally during the night that way we have control for dieses and x prisioners etc etc


- Sun 11-Aug-2013, 12:46

ahna nistghu naghmlu bhalhom (bhal italja) u daw li jidhlu hawn ikunu jistghu imorru hemm.

M Vella

- Sun 11-Aug-2013, 12:35

This comedy of the illegal and economic migrants has got to stop,Malta is too small.

Michael Gatt

- Sun 11-Aug-2013, 12:13

Dik hi il hbiberija kollha li Malta ghanda ma l-Italja?

l fenech

- Sun 11-Aug-2013, 12:07

U fejn huma l' tal-famuz Austin Gatt Mr.I am not interested.

Kieku ghamel wahda tajba ghal-maltin. U 600 euro fil gimgha u 700,000 tal-mummy fl'ajru.

Patrick Sacco

- Sun 11-Aug-2013, 11:49

Norman Lowell has been proved right over and over again!