Swimmer hit by boat

Friday, 09 Aug 2013, 09:50


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A swimmer was grievously injured after being struck by boat

An Italian man fractured his left leg when he was hit by a boat on Thursday evening while swimming alone in the area known as il-Fossa, Valletta.

Preliminary investigations found that the swimmer, who is 30-years-old and lives in Valletta, was struck by a boat manned by two men, a 28- and 29-year-old who also live in Valletta, while returning from a fishing trip.

As they approached land, they heard an unusual sound followed by cries for help. The men immediately took the swimmer ashore, where they called the district police and an ambulance, who arrived shortly after.

A foreign doctor who witnessed the incident also gave first aid.

The casualty was hospitalised and found to have sustained grievous injuries.


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