Motorcyclist grievously injured

A motorcyclist was grievously injured in a traffic accident today at about noon, in Naxxar Road, Lija.

Preliminary investigations found that the motorcyclist, who is 45-years-old and lives in Valletta, was driving a Kawasaki Z750 towards Naxxar when he was struck by a Toyota Yaris being driven in the opposite direction by a 33-year-old woman from Lija.

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Comments (3)

F Sali

- Mon 12-Aug-2013, 00:20

Mr DeMicoli please, I am not blaming anybody, I'm just pointing out that most of the accidents happen because the drivers looses control over their machines because of their speed, and that is why I am saying to Slow Down and stop showing off with their machines.

Charles DeMicoli

- Sat 10-Aug-2013, 15:52

Dear F., right away you are blaming the biker. Were you witness to this accident? Maybe the Yaris or the biker was avoiding a pot hole and in so doing ended up driving in the wrong lane. Maybe one of them was making a left turn. Who knows what led to this accident. To all drivers where you live, watch out for motorcycles. Do not make any generalizations, F. Here's hoping for a speedy and complete recovery to both persons involved in this accident.

F. Sal

- Fri 09-Aug-2013, 23:39

I spend a lot of time in Malta and the way motorcyclist drive in Malta and the speed, I'm not surprised there ain't more incidents of this type. To all drivers in Malta, for your sake, SLOW DOWN WILL YOU, and stop showing off

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