Cospicua roadworks to finish ahead of schedule

Roads Minister Joe Mizzi said that the road works in Cospicua will be completed by next week, ahead of the September deadline.

The minister was visiting the beach area of Rinella which is undergoing a clean-up and restoration. He said that facilities for bathers will also be upgraded and the project would complement the works being carried out at the Naval Villa which is home to the Malta Council for Science and Technology.

Stai cercando una vacanza studio economica? Scopri perchè Malta è imbattibile sotto il profilo prezzo-qualità.


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Comments (9)

George Farrugia.

- Sun 11-Aug-2013, 17:44

At least someone is really working for Cospiua.Well done Joe.

louis borg

- Sun 11-Aug-2013, 08:33

prosit ministru!! kellu bzon kulhadd kien bhalek!!


- Sat 10-Aug-2013, 14:26

Prosit Hon Joe Mizzi, its no surprise that people speak highly of you. Your down to earth, hands on ways of doing things are something that other MPs should emulate!

Kriss Camilleri

- Sat 10-Aug-2013, 11:55

ISSA, il Bormlizi, ser jinghtaw RIGAL ta' VERU.

Andrew Camilleri

- Sat 10-Aug-2013, 08:10

That's how ministers should work. Well Done Mr Mizzi.


- Sat 10-Aug-2013, 06:50

Prosit Mr Mizzi,your are 100% better than the one before you.


- Fri 09-Aug-2013, 23:32

Veru ministru li jahdem mank li kulhadd bhalek Sur Mizzi

John P Busuttil

- Fri 09-Aug-2013, 18:08

Hon Joe Mizzi is a typical example of efficiency and determination.

l fenech

- Fri 09-Aug-2013, 13:52

Joe Mizzi ministru dinamiku u ta' hegga. Isegwi ix-xoghol "minuto per minuto".

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