Girl suffers spinal injury at Blue Lagoon

Saturday, 27 Jul 2013, 08:26


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Lifeguards of the Emergency Response and Rescue Corps were alerted of an accident involving a 15-year-old suffering from possible spinal injuries on Friday afternoon. The accident happened after the victim had jumped off a cliff at Comino.

The victim was then transported to Imgarr Harbour with Lifesaver I to be transferred to the Gozo General Hospital for further treatment.

Two days ago, a 25 year old Italian bather was assisted by the ERRC lifeguards suffering from back pain after jumping off Cominotto. The ERRC would like to remind the general public to avoid jumping off cliffs to avoid similar injuries.

The lifeguarding service at the Blue Lagoon in Comino is possible due to financial support from the Malta Tourist Authority. Support is also being provided by the Ministry for Gozo, Mgarr Marina, Transport Malta, Police, Armed Forces of Malta, Police and the Civil Protection Department.

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