Coalition for the abolition of Spring Hunting

A Coalition in favour of the abolition of spring hunting has been established.

‚ÄčThe Coalition is made up of eleven organisations: Alternattiva Demokratika, Birdlife Malta, Coalition for Animal Rights, Din l-Art Helwa, Flimkien ghal Ambjent Ahjar, Friends of the Earth Malta, Gaia Foundation, Moviment Graffiti, Greenhouse Malta, Nature Trust (Malta) and the Ramblers Association of Malta.

Its objectives are to ensure that spring hunting is brought to an end in Malta as soon as possible.  The Coalition will do this through lobbying both in Malta and at a European level.

The Coalition has begun the collection of signatures for an abrogative referendum relative to spring hunting legislation.

The legislation the coalition is seeking to abolish is the “Framework for Allowing a Derogation Opening a Spring Hunting Season for Turtledove and Quail Regulations” .

The Coalition is focusing on the abolition of spring hunting because it is the time of year when birds are most vulnerable.  They are migrating through Malta on their way to breed. 

A bird saved in spring has the chance to breed and increase the bird population.


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Comments (3)

Kriss Camilleri

- Mon 29-Jul-2013, 13:48

Did the same 'happen' prior to 9th March 2013 ?


- Mon 29-Jul-2013, 07:03

The majority of theses people has no respect to the public with quails beeing breeded in the private houses and a whole beeing disturbed by the noise of these quails, and if you want to know how much noise these quails do ask the residents of the Old People Home Imtarfa.Shure they are not at the right place

joseph vella

- Sun 28-Jul-2013, 21:18

wish you luck.
where can I sign from overseas?

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