112 migrants rescued off Maltese shores

Early this morning an AFM aircraft on a routine patrol sighted a rubber dinghy some 34 nautical miles South of Malta with approximately 112 persons on board.

The Operations Centre in Luqa immediately diverted an Inshore Patrol vessel P21 and an offshore patrol vessel P52 to investigate further.

The migrant vessel was in distress and drifting. Subsequently the migrants were transferred onto the Offshore patrol vessel P52 and is currently making way and should arrive at Maritime Squadron Base at 10.30 pm.

Previously 8 migrants requiring urgent medical evacuation were transferred on the P21 and steamed towards Maritime Squadron Base were an awaiting ambulance took these migrants to hospital for further medical treatment.

The AFM Operations Centre has been actively coordinating this migrant dinghy for the past 13 hours.

In total the group was made up of 112 persons, of whom 88 males, 20 females (1 pregnant) and 4 infants.

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Comments (10)


- Mon 29-Jul-2013, 11:31

issa imissu il gvern bil ghajnuna tal NGO's u b'dawk il 51 pulcinneli ta avukati li haduwa kontra il gvern jibta jaghti lincetivi biex il maltin jitilqu lejn l'australia jew il canada etc.hali ikollom fejn joqodu il klentestini u f'istess hin inserhu u inpaxxu lil EU.


- Mon 29-Jul-2013, 11:31

Why was ILLEGAL dropped? They are NOT migrants but ILLEGAL immigrants.

l fenech

- Sun 28-Jul-2013, 19:21

Ara kemm ser jaslu aktar immigrati mill 1,000 li ghadhom kemm harbu mil-habs tal-Libja. Dan dejjem igibu it-tfal u in-nisa taghhom maghhom.

Fejn hi Cecilia u Barroso?


- Sun 28-Jul-2013, 16:20

WE ARE 2ND CLASS CITIZENS WENT TO HOSPITAL AND IT WAS MY TURN WHEN THESE IMIGRANTS JUMPED ME .I pay tax and bolla they should wait like me. norman lowel prepare for our votes

Andrew Harding

- Sun 28-Jul-2013, 11:29

Oh no not again, turn the boat around and send it back to africa, these people are not our problem, Europe is drowning in enough debt without the added burden of such scroungers, these imiigrants are more trouble than they are worth just look how crime ridden uk cities have become since the massive influx of immigrants first started in the 1950's, Europe for once and for all take heed and stop being a door mat.

Joseph Howard

- Sun 28-Jul-2013, 10:55

To all NGO that seemed to have grown their balls now & managed to castrate our country, I would like to see you practice what you preach and shelter these humans in your own houses at your own expense.

Tony Micallef

- Sun 28-Jul-2013, 10:25

It seems that holding talks with the EU and Libyan Deputy Prime Minister are not bearing fruit and Malta is still left alone to face this illegal human trafficking. Immigrants have human rights but where our our rights as Maltese who cannot keep taking in this influx of immigrants. Why not consider issuing passports to these immigrants as soon as they land so that they can make their way to the EU. Then we'll see the EU start putting action where its mouth is since it will be directly effected.

Carmel Cilia

- Sun 28-Jul-2013, 08:52

Malta taghna tlifnija u giet malta taghhom. Il politikanti imisshom kollha jisthu min nies li eligewhom qeghdin ihallu lil malta teghreq
Today mlta is not only burning it is definitely sinking.
Kompli kaxkar saqaghjk Dr. Muscat.

l fenech

- Sun 28-Jul-2013, 06:28

Fejnhom l'MEP's u oppizizzjoni halli jghatu il-parti taghhhom f'din l'affari. Fejn hu David Casa bil-firem dejjem kontra Malta u kontra il-Prim Ministru tieghu.


- Sun 28-Jul-2013, 01:00

Return to sender forthwith or NO VOTES. We shall start from the EP elections and continue voting for Normal Lowell only ntil all illegal immigrants whatever their status are repatriated. We do not want any illegal immigrants in Malta Dr Muscat. You have been warned. Ignore us at your electoral peril.

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