Minister speaks on the importance female entrepreneurship

Friday, 26 Jul 2013, 09:55


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The Minister for Economy, Investment and Small, Dr. Chris Cardona took part in an informal meeting of the Council of Ministers of the EU Competitiveness in Lithuania theme; Modernisation of Public Administration.

The Minister spoke about the importance of the Maltese Government is giving to female entrepreneurship and commitment to promote entrepreneurship among women.He said that the Maltese Government is already taking action on the recommendations of the European Commission in 2020 listed in Entrepreneurship Action plan, such as an increase in facilities related to childcare services and make them more affordable.

He also spoke about the increase in maternity leave from 14 to 16 Friday Week since 2012 and adding another two weeks in 2013 that also applies to self-employed women and therefore will encourage more women start enterprise.

Dr. Chris Cardona also referred to the campaign CAN held over a period of years in order to promote women's financial independence and greater involvement of men working in the family not giving money.

At the informal meeting of Ministers of the EU Competitiveness, the Minister said that Malta believes that development with SME should be a central focus at European level. This should be done in particular by promoting and assisting entrepreneurship at an early age, in order to more young people and women choose entrepreneurship as a career.

Malta is also looking forward to the new Programme for the Competitiveness of Enterprises and SMEs (COSME) to be a tool to explore new ways of how to facilitate access to finance for SMEs . Minister Cardona said that Malta will remain politically focused to implement further measures to strengthen economic competitiveness and job creation.

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Minister speaks on the importance female entrepreneurship

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