Arrivals in collective accommodation up by 10.4% in May

Thursday, 25 Jul 2013, 11:31


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Arrivals in collective accommodation establishments reached 141,759 in May, up by 10.4 per cent over last year. Total nights increased by 14.3 per cent to 789,477.

Overall, May registered a positive performance across the various hotel categories both in terms of the number of arrivals and guest nights. The largest share of guest nights was recorded in 4-star hotels with 369,175 nights, or 46.8 per cent of the total. Increases of 35.9 and 10.5 per cent in total nights were registered in 3-star and 4-star hotels respectively, when compared to 2012 levels.

Overall, the average length of stay in collective accommodation establishments stood at 5.6 nights, up by 0.2 of a night over May 2012. The net use of bed places during the reference month stood at 64.1 per cent. All hotel categories registered increases in occupancy levels when compared to last year. The highest increase in occupancy rate, at 11.9 percentage points, was registered among 3-star hotels.

Arrivals on the mainland amounted to 133,846, 10.6 per cent higher than the fi gure for 2012. Total nights stood at 760,722, while the average length of stay reached 5.7 nights. During May the average occupancy rate increased by 6.4 percentage points when compared to the previous year, to 64.7 per cent.

Total arrivals and nights spent in Gozo and Comino numbered 7,913 and 28,705 respectively. Both fi gures were higher compared to the corresponding month last year.

On a national level, there were 150 collective accommodation establishments operating during May, with a net capacity of 17,963 bedrooms and 39,748 bed places. On average, each establishment had 2.2 beds per room.

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