Mallia and EU Commissioner discuss repatriation measures for failed asylum seekers

During an informal Justice and Home Affairs council meeting in Lithuania, Manuel Mallia, Minister for Home Affairs and National Security met with European Commissioner for Home Affairs Cecilia Malmström, to discuss the developments in Malta with regard to illegal immigration and asylum and the need for solidarity and fair sharing of responsibility among the Member States.

It was agreed that the Commission would provide concrete assistance with regard to the return of failed asylum-seekers to their countries of origin. The Commission will assist the Maltese Government in taking additional measures to repatriate migrants who are illegally present in Malta at the earliest, taking advantage of the assistance that can be provided by the Commission to overcome the practical difficulties that have been encountered so far and to expedite the return of those migrants who have no authorisation to remain in Malta.
The Home Affairs and National Security Ministry will be preparing actions to achieve this aim together with the Commission.

Explaining the impact of the continuing illegal migration flows to Malta and pointing out that Malta and the Maltese people were feeling that they were being left to deal with the situation alone, Minister Mallia emphasized that it was necessary to implement the principle of solidarity and fair responsibility sharing that is already enshrined in the Treaty and that is at the very foundation of the European Union. In this regard, he insisted on the need to render the numbers more manageable in Malta’s context, and called on the Commissioner to extend her assistance.

Commissioner Malmström said she understood the situation and the particular pressure that Malta was facing and stood ready to help Malta in any way she could. To begin with, the Commission willbe making emergency funding available to Malta. Commissioner Malmström also gave her assurance that she will continue to push for the relocation of beneficiaries of international protection from Malta, noting that the Annual Relocation Forum that was recently announced will be organized by the Commission after the summer.

Minister Mallia and Commissioner Malmström agreed that Member States needed to be further encouraged to show solidarity by relocating beneficiaries of protection from Malta.

Finally, Commissioner Malmström and Minister Mallia agreed that broad cooperation with Libya would need to be pursued on the longer-term, in order to prevent the illegal migration flows.


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Comments (5)

l fenech

- Mon 22-Jul-2013, 09:24

Dr. Mallia lil-Cecilia ipprova fehemha li Malta taghna u mhux taghha.Hi tispicca min MEP imma Malta tibqa' hawn.

carl brown

- Sun 21-Jul-2013, 14:25

To Dr Mallia I say keep the ball that Dr Muscat started, rolling! No let off, we know that you are no Simon Busutill and youre not going to let Malstrom use us a doormat like she has been doing with Simon,push them hard and be arrogant with them !Its the only languge they listen.

Carmel Cilia

- Sat 20-Jul-2013, 19:04

Kull kumment li ma jdoqx ghal widnejkom ma gibhux. Kemm kien differenti qabel l- elezjoni. Dimokrazija ta kif jaqbel. Ibqu sejrin hekk. Klikka telqet u ohra dahlet proset.

Carmel Cilia

- Sat 20-Jul-2013, 12:26

Parole parole parole and the farce or tragedy goes on.If the government is there elected by the majority of Maltese it should see that the will of the majority of Maltese is implemented., If the government is in doubt it should hold a referendum.
History would judge the main contenders and I am sure the word traitor would also then be implied.
It seems that the last vote by the Maltese has no value as three european men dominates what goes on here. Its a pity and a national tragedy.
As for the pushbacks- the Israelis did it- but then they have b___ls

mark cassar

- Fri 19-Jul-2013, 13:30

Hon.Mallia mir-ritratt qisa hadet grazzja mieghek din l-Izvediza.

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