Police find body part after two other bodies found

Informed sources say police have found part of a body where earlier the bodies of two men were discovered in a field at Qajjenza.

The police have discovered part of a leg in the same field where Mario Camilleri 'l-imniehru' and his son Mario were found dead and half-buried early on Friday morning at 1am.

Uncomfirmed media reports are suggesting the body could be that of  taxi driver Matthew Zahra from Valletta, who was reported missing last August.

More details on ONE News.


Mario l-Imnieħru

Both were last seen on Wednesday at around noon where they were leaving from their residence in Ibraġġ. It is believed that l- Imnieħru made use of a dark grey Volgswagen Passat with the registration number KBO 079.

His son was seen also getting a ride from a small red car in is-Siegħ street, Ibraġġ, limits of Swieqi.


Mario Jr

From descriptions given to the police it is believed that Mario l- Imnieħru was wearing a black t-shirt with short sleeves and a blue denim bermuda. His son was wearing a black long sleeved shirt, a blue bermuda and a brown hat.

Anyone who has any information is is asked to report to the police by calling 119 or one can visit the closest police station. Any information given will be kept confidential.

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Comments (3)


- Sat 20-Jul-2013, 19:22

l injuranza tal maltin tirrenja


- Fri 19-Jul-2013, 13:53

Maltese Mafia???????


- Fri 19-Jul-2013, 12:23

The local MAFIA family feud?

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