Muslim community celebrates Iftar at CNL

For the third consecutive year the Muslim community celebrated the  Islamic Iftar at the Labour Party Headquarters in Hamrun.

The Prime Minister and Labour Party leader Joseph Muscat welcomed those present and said that this occasion will continue to be held every year.

He said that all Muslims are members of the community and added that the permit for the extension of the Mariam Al-Batool School in Paola had been approved ,another  Labour Party election manifesto promise that had been carried out, less than four months after Labour's election victory.

The Islamic Centre Director Issam Dernawi congratulated Prime Minister Joseph Muscat on his good work in running the government while reiterating that he has no doubt that the Islamic community will continue to  collaborate with the government.

Muslims from around a dozen countries gathered at the Labour Headquarters.


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Comments (3)

James A. Tyrrell

- Sat 20-Jul-2013, 12:23

Clearly when you are faced with a situation where the second largest religion on earth is trying to gain a solid foothold in your country the best way to handle it is to roll over and show your belly and say welcome!


- Fri 19-Jul-2013, 10:16

It is one good gesture after another towards the muslims, extenion of the school, writing off their bills and helping them during their conflits. How do they repay us by letting boat loads of people freely leave their shores.


- Thu 18-Jul-2013, 17:21

If such collaboration and respect towards each other as showed here in Malta by Muslims and non ones is copied by others there would be less strife and ill feelings. Also there would not be fertile ground for fundamentalism and fanaticism.
It is good to note that respect to the country's Constitution and Laws is shown by irrespective of one's own colour and creed.
Malta is a shining example of tolerance, we have our differences but do not solve them by street politics.
REST of the world, look and learn.

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