Former PM says farewell

Former Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi resigned from Parliament on Wednesday evening.

Dr Gonzi entered Parliament as Speaker 25 years ago and subsequently served as minister before becoming Prime Minister nine years ago and then leader of the opposition after the general election defeat last March.

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat thanked his predecessor Lawrence Gonzi saying that although many might imagine that it was difficult for one to find words of appreciation for an opponent, it had never been as easy as this.

Dr Muscat said Dr Gonzi gave the country an unconditional service and although this did not mean that both sides had always agreed on the method, they always did on the final aim, which was to improve the people’s standard of living.

The Prime Minister said that the House was losing its best orator.

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Comments (7)

Anthony Calleja

- Fri 19-Jul-2013, 15:52

Nowadays it has become'normal practise' for defeated party leaders to resign. However any person elected by the public is morally bound to serve the quintennial he is elected for. I'm sorry dr Gonzi does not honour his personal voters by throwing the towel. Another proof that many politicians are there only for the glory. The real pity is that Malta is stuck with the misery his party dragged us all in the EU!


- Thu 18-Jul-2013, 23:56

you will be remembered for the big disaster u build entering Valletta i was the prime minister i let him open the ribbon as i would not like to be the responsible person for this pig house.


- Thu 18-Jul-2013, 16:50

The end of the dark ages for Malta and hopefully the closure of a sordid chapter in our young nation's history.

mark cassar

- Thu 18-Jul-2013, 13:35

In all honesty, good riddance.

Donna Parnis

- Thu 18-Jul-2013, 13:07

Good riddance to bad rubbish pity he didnt take all of his clikk with him, But then they have to be there to tell Simple simon what to do.

Too Kind

- Thu 18-Jul-2013, 10:55

The Prime Minister is too kind!

l fenech

- Thu 18-Jul-2013, 10:09

It's best what?

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Former PM says farewell