Mizzi reacts to Audit report on Enemalta fuel procurement

Energy Minister Konrad Mizzi held a press conference about fuel procurement by Enemalta following a report by the National Audit Office.

He said shortcomings in the way fuel was bought should have spelt resignation for former ministers.

The Energy  minister promised he will render Enemalta's fuel procurement system more transparent, after an investigation by the National Audit Office surmised that there was political interference into the way the state utility purchased its fuel.

Emails on fuel purchases and hedging were copied to the minister responsible for Enemalta, and €69 million was lost on hedging alone, the NAO report found. "When Tonio Fenech says he did the best he could, for me that's not enough. He knew what was going on. If these things happened under my watch, I would have resigned," Mizzi said.

The minister said he will be holding a workshop for Enemalta employees in a bid to implement the necessary recommendations on the purchase of fuel.

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Comments (5)

Thruth will prevail

- Sat 20-Jul-2013, 21:48

The Police investigation will be in a much better position to net the rats immediately after the Whistle Blowers Bill is enacted. They only would need a lead.

Carmel Cilia

- Fri 19-Jul-2013, 09:03

Dahhlu il pulizija x'qeghdin tistennew imbghad jekk hemm provi aktar cari isibuhom huma u mhux intom.F'gazzetta ohra anke in nazzjonalisti horox qeghdin jisfidawna biex indahlu il-pulizija.
Ghalhiex dan id dewmien. X'sar mil korruzzjoni tal BWSC.


- Fri 19-Jul-2013, 05:00

A very simple question. Was Farrugia awared the pardon to mention names or not to mention certain names?

Anthony A.Mifsud

- Fri 19-Jul-2013, 03:30

So, the oil came to surface, if there is any criminal proceeding in this case as there is a $69 ml went somewhere
Who will be bought to justice?
If not we are all corrupt


- Thu 18-Jul-2013, 17:28

It is too late for Tonio Fenech to resign the only next best thing is a couple of years behind bars.

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