Malta marks the 150th aircraft on the Maltese aviation aircraft

Wednesday, 17 Jul 2013, 17:16


The Civil Aviation Directorate has successfully concluded the registration of the first wide-bodied aircraft Airbus A340 which is operated by the company Hi-Fly Ltd.

The aircraft bearing registration number 9H-SEA marks the 150th airplane on the Maltese aviation registry and is the largest aircraft that has been registered so far.

The Airbus A340 took off from Malta International Airport some days ago, where it headed on its first flight to Manchester airport to pick up the Manchester City team on its way to South Africa.

The company is currently planning to register its second aircraft on the Maltese aviation register.

Company Chief Executive Officer Sergio Bagarro has recently met Tourism Minister Karmenu Vella who is also responsible for the aviation sector whereby they expressed reciprocal assistance in Malta and beyond.

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Comments (1)

H Galea

- Thu 18-Jul-2013, 11:31

Only concerned on safety. They are flying too low over buildings.If in mulfunction it can drop more them 1000 ft, and depends on crew if it can fly again or not.Hope the past we don't experience it again.

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