Accept responsibility for oil scandal says PL

The Labour Party has said that Opposition Leader Simon Busuttil should find out who is responsible for the oil procurement scandal uncovered earlier this year.

In a statement, PL insisted it was futile to deny that the methods of oil procurement employed by the Nationalist Party during its time in government led to corruption.
"It would be better if those behind this accepted responsibility for the scandal instead of acting like none of this ever happened," PL said.

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Comments (4)

H galea

- Thu 18-Jul-2013, 11:39

Black dust, we only burn inferour oils at night, we always made losses, that is why we never boxed our accounts, it was easy cheeting then saying the truth, so long as we are all involved, there will be on trumpet blowers, and in heaven we all go.

Yellow Pages

- Thu 18-Jul-2013, 10:58

Following the discovery that one may find good addresses on the yellow pages, it is now perhaps time to find out on which dictionary one may find a good definition of responsibility.


- Thu 18-Jul-2013, 09:36

The only way for them to accept responsibility is to find the evidence and take them to court.

l fenech

- Thu 18-Jul-2013, 05:55

Ma tarax, dak ma kienx fil-politika dak iz-zmien issa drajnieh diga lil Simon jaf jizgicca.

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