Whistleblower's Act in its third reading

Tuesday, 16 Jul 2013, 19:40


The Prime Minister Joseph Muscat spoke on how in just four months this government proceeded in getting things done that were still on hold for the past 25-years.

This was said during a statement given by the Prime Minister after the approval of the Whistleblower’s Act in it’s second reading at the Parliament.

On Tuesday evening the third reading will be heard at the Parliament just before the whistleblower law will be approved. This will be yet again another crucial electoral promise which will be completed.

"We are ready to give protection to anyone with genuine and new information on unresolved cases," this was said by the Prime Minister Joseph Muscat during a press conference which was held in Auberge de Castille.

The Prime Minister Muscat explained on how the law regarding the financial position of the parties will be passed later on during this year as to give a chance to the Nationalist Party to give a statement regarding their financial problems.

Parliamenary Secretary for Justice Owen Bonnici said that the Whistleblower Act will not only lead to significant changes in the English culture yet it will also make Malta comply with the EU rules.

This law which will be passed in its third reading on Tuesday evening is a much different law that which was proposed by the past government. The whistleblowing could be done on past incidents and also on those which might take place in the future.

Thanks to this law the Prime Minister stated that one can discover things regarding the current administration and also the past administration. Things can also be revealed with regards to murder cases.

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- Wed 17-Jul-2013, 19:01

Today is Dr Gonzi`s last day as he has blown his own whistle.

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