Reconstruction to be done on il-Marfa street in Cirkewwa

Tuesday, 16 Jul 2013, 18:49


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Certain parts of il-Marfa street in ÄŠirkewwa are expected to be re-constructed after work done almost a year ago were not done accordingly by contractors.

The work is expected to be start on Wednesday 17th July and Thursday 18th July.
In a statement the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure appologised for this inconvenience which he had no control over because the work was done under the past government.

He promised that the work will be completed in a short span of time as to avoid any inconvenience caused to the public. Related costs with the re-construction is expected to be paid by the contractors, as stated in the contract, where the damage found in the street is about 200 meters long.

Even though work is to be done, there will be no need for the road to be closed for traffic as vehicles are expected to pass through one lane. Drivers are warned to drive slowly and observe the traffic signs found along the road.

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