MCWO: Human rights must be observed

The Malta Confederation of Women's Organisations (MCWO) strives to promote the integration and implementation of equality, the respect for human rights and is committed to fighting discrimination and the persecution of vulnerable groups. It cannot but disagree to any push-back tactics.

In a brief statement MCWO said that this is a humanitarian issue where human rights must be observed and adhered to first and foremost.  In view of this week's issue and the shocking attack on two bus drivers considered as an act of racist aggression, the MCWO strongly believes that unfortunately, racism has become a scourge in Maltese society that cannot be ignored or tolerated any more.

MCWO therefore appeals to the government to give all the protection and care to these suffering migrants and enforce the necessary measures to combat racial hatred and xenophobia. The Confederation also appeals to EU member states to not only acknowledge Malta's limited resources in this regard, but to also actively engage with initiatives of support and rightful sharing of responsibility.

"The longer this crisis goes on the more it foments hostility from all sides of the spectrum, detracting from the very purpose of  showing compassion, humanity and understanding towards those migrants who, coming from war torn countries aspire to a secure and better future," MCWO said in a statement.

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Comments (3)

Censu l-melha

- Mon 15-Jul-2013, 22:58

Issa qamilhom dawn? Kif qatt ma tkellmu taht Gvern Nazzjonalista meta bghat lura iktar minn 200 Eritrejan u anki Egizzjani?


- Mon 15-Jul-2013, 22:56

Let them claim their human rights in African countries.

Charles J Buttigieg

- Mon 15-Jul-2013, 16:31

stating the obvious,sounds like Simon Busuttil on parade.

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