Less outbound trips in May

Monday, 15 Jul 2013, 12:10


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Outbound trips during May totalled 22,937, a decrease of 3.4 per cent over the comparative month in 2012.

The number of outbound tourist trips towards EU countries stood at 19,960, while a further 2,978 trips headed towards Non-EU destinations. Both markets registered decreases of 3 and 7 per cent respectively. Italy and the UK continued to be the most popular destinations among residents of Malta, with market shares of 32 and 23 per cent respectively. When compared to the corresponding month in 2012, the Italian market advanced by 24 per cent, whereas the British market decreased by 14 per cent.

The majority of outbound tourists were males (61 per cent). Furthermore, 40 per cent fell in the 25-44-year-old age bracket and were followed by those in the 45-64 category (33 per cent).

Out of 28,326 outbound visitor trips, same-day visitors stood at 5,389.

January-May 2013

Outbound tourism throughout this fi ve-month period stood at 121,044 - an increase of 11 per cent when compared to the previous year. An estimated 86 per cent of outbound tourists chose to visit EU destinations. Both EU and Non-EU trips registered increases, reaching 104,286 and 16,758 respectively. Italy and the UK remained the two most popular destinations, and shared between them 59 per cent of the total outbound tourism market. 

Almost all European markets exhibited upward movements, except for the German market, which decreased by 11 per cent.

At 41 per cent, the largest share of outbound tourists fell within the 25-44 age group. These were followed by the 45-64-year-old category, which stood at 32 per cent. 59 per cent of these tourists were males.

Out of 133,566 outbound visitor trips, same-day visitors were estimated at 12,522.

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