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Monday, 15 Jul 2013, 01:14


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The Believe and Achieve team is working on a new project – Get Back in Shape Challenge. One will be able to receive, free consultation and information, support and encouragement and free guidance and training from the personal trainer Sean Marshall.

The team is looking for people who will be interested in this "Get back in shape chalenge".  This is not a weight loss programme. This is a detox and cleansing programme.

For people to embark on this programme need to:
want to boost more energy into their life
want to start eating healthily
want to detoxify and cleanse their digestive system
want to decide to decide to lead a healthier life,

This programme is co-ordinated by the Believe and Achieve Team with personal trainer, coach and nutritionist Sean Marshall.

The public is invited to contact the team on 7925 1882 and 79604603 for more information.

One can become a member of the Facebook group page which is full of ideas and information.

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