Busuttil defends past stance on immigration

PN Leader Simon Busuttil has defended the PN’s past stance on immigration. Referring to Italy’s 2009 agreement with Libya which saw the country take back immigrants rescued at sea by Malta and Italy, Busuttil said that this had not been a push-back policy.

At the time, however, the agreement had been heavily lambasted by various international organisations such as UNHCR, who had criticized what they described clearly as a push-back policy. Just over three years ago the European Commission had seen nothing wrong with this agreement, and had defended Italy’s decision.

Speaking on Radio 101 on Sunday morning, Busuttil insisted that sending migrants to Libya as part of the 2009 agreement was not  ‘a push-back policy’.  He went on to say that he had not only defended the agreement, but  had also encouraged the EU to draft a similar agreement. Busuttil insisted  that the truth was that Italy had taken advantage of the agreement.

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Comments (8)

H Galea

- Tue 16-Jul-2013, 00:33

Busuttil, don't agree, your policy is one for them and the rest for us. This is making money from the pooerest.EU should help Africa directly in building the country.You are missing the wood from the trees for you pleasure to be staborn.

l fenech

- Mon 15-Jul-2013, 08:19

Simon hi din l'atitudni li inthom kollox tajjeb u l'ohrajn kollox hazin wahda mill kawzi tat-tkaxkira.

Ibqa' sejjer hekk halli is-36,000 vot jizdiedu.


- Mon 15-Jul-2013, 05:47

@ attentive well said but, we are to keep in mind that PN clan are"GOD'S gift" who ever thinking of obstract our government in this issue should be considered as a trator. If someone thinks he is scoring any goals by putting sticks in the gov wheel must remember "LI POPLU MHUX CUC!"

Legal but immoral

- Sun 14-Jul-2013, 19:19

In most countries abortion is legal, but definitely immoral. Similarly as regard illegal emigration can Dr. Busuttil defend what was immoral then on any pretext. This speaks volumes on the moral ethics and integrity of Dr.Busuttil. How does Dr. Busuttil uphold the PN motto of "Religio et Patria", unless one equates "Religio" with circumstantial expediency?


- Sun 14-Jul-2013, 19:07

Jistahba imissu u mhux jghamel attentat PATETIKU biex jidefendi!

Il-miljuni li gew biex jigi investit f'apparatu u ingenji biex jingiebu l'emigranti hawn , emigranti li ta' L'ewropa ma jridhuex wara biebhom!

Imbghad jghid u li ahna il-Maltin RAZZISTI!



- Sun 14-Jul-2013, 16:11

In truth it is Europe which exercises a push-back policy toward Malta when refugees registered in Malta are discovered in their countries.
Europe has long adopted this policy towards refugees.

Anthony Mifsud

- Sun 14-Jul-2013, 15:02

We cannot simply stay passive to this crazy situation. If the PN wants foul play then let s play their game.. Fight fire with fire...
They are or I would say Simon is using the EFA theory
Jekk ma nilghabx in hassar


- Sun 14-Jul-2013, 13:13

You are quite right, EXCEPT - when PL sends back, you call it push back, but when PN pushes back you call it send back. What a bloody looser!

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