€83,016 till midnight for Ohloq Tbissima

Sunday, 14 Jul 2013, 10:04


A total of €83,016 were collected from the Ohloq Tbissima marathon till midnight on Saturday. Earlier on the marathon was visited by PM Joseph Muscat. The marathon will continue all day Sunday, and is being transmitted intermittently on various television channels.

From time to time various exclusive features showing missionary work being undertaken by members of the Missionary Society of St. Paul (MSSP) are being aired as well as links via Skype with missionary priests who are working in Peru, Pakistan and the Philippines.

Ohloq Tbissima is a 60 hour live broadcasting marathon organised by CAM Productions international (CPi).  Its aim is to raise missionary awareness whilst collecting funds to support the different missionary projects being undertaken by members of the Missionary Society of St. Paul (MSSP) in Peru, Pakistan and the Philippines, as well as in Malta at St. Joseph Home in St. Venera

During the Marathon, one can watch various exclusive features  on  the missionary work which is being carried out  locally and abroad.  Various links are being made with the missionaries in Peru, Pakistan and the Philippines are being made via Skype.

The public is encouraged to participate in this Marathon by visiting St. Joseph Home in St. Venera during this activity and by giving their monetary contribution so as to support this missionary activity.

 The marathon will also be steamed live in its entirety on www.di-ve.com and also on CAM Productions international’s website:  www.camcpi.org

Anyone wishing to make a donation may do so through the following numbers:

€10                         51602004

€15                         51702007

€25                         51802009

SMS €4.66           50618099

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Comments (1)

H Galea

- Tue 16-Jul-2013, 00:21

We should clearify the word donation or ordering us on how much we wish to give. This is also being used at schools, and put parents in a tight corner. This has to stop, it is abuse. Schools should inform parents of the whole package before kids attend school.To abuse is also a sin, of which the church tolerats, or a must.Consumer protection ????

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€83,016 till midnight for Ohloq Tbissima

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