Audit critical of running of Wasteserv

Thursday, 11 Jul 2013, 11:15


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Environment Minister Leo Brincat this morning launched a scathing attack on the way Wasteserv had been run in the past.

He told parliament that an independent audit report has found serious shortcomings in the way the company had been operated.

The minister said the most serious shortcoming was that a majority of the workers were not actually employed by Wasteserv but by a contractor, JF Security. Only a quarter of the 400 employees were actually Wasteserv employees, even sensitive areas were operated by workers employed by a contractor.

He said there was a lack of communication between the board and the senior management, but senior managers over six years were given bonuses exceeding €250,000 for reasons which had not been defined.

The former minister George Pullicino dismissed the report by Leo Brincat calling it “a bicca document”. He said he would comment in more detail later but did not give any explanation about the running of Wasteserv at the time he was the responsible minister.

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