270 migrants land in Malta

The Armed Forces of Malta had another busy night as 270 migrants arrived on the island.

202 migrants arrived in three boats while a further 68 arrived in the early hours of Thursday morning.
Last night’s influx brings the number of migrant arrivals to over 670 in the past few days.

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Comments (9)


- Sat 13-Jul-2013, 07:39

Mintoff was inspired by uncommon patriotic sentiments.Tell EU,There are things that money just cannot buy,like manners,morals,and integrity.

Charlie F

- Fri 12-Jul-2013, 16:05

Europe smelt the coffee, while we drank it to the dregs!

Charlie F

- Fri 12-Jul-2013, 06:04

Racism is ugly. Uglier still are invasions.
From both deliver us O Lord!

Charlie F

- Fri 12-Jul-2013, 06:01

The annihilation of a nation in the making. That's what it's all about.

Carmel Cilia

- Thu 11-Jul-2013, 18:19

Dan il futur li hemm riservat ghal uliedna. Imisna nisthu minnhom u ghad jisthuna. Issa bid-decizjoni irtirata lura tal prim qeghdin f'posizzjoni ghar . Nassumi li kont wiehed min dawn l-immigranti u ghandi min jigi minni hemm nghidlu aqsam hi b'mohhok mistrih ghax il maltin ta cwiec li huma ma jistghu jaghmlu xejn. Ejjew ejjew ja angli mil afrika mij a mija. Veru tal biki.

Richard B.

- Thu 11-Jul-2013, 15:12

People of Malta: Give them something to eat, then send them back!

Here in the US we are being flooded with 3rd world types that arrive with a sense of entitlement and being 'owed'.

Their problems cannot be fixed on somebody else's shores. Send them back,..or lose your own culture.

The choice is yours.


- Thu 11-Jul-2013, 09:52

This is a threat for our citizenship, culture, religion and what makes us Maltese. Maltese people always wanted to help, always helped others but never wanted to destroy own believes. Although now we are a member state of Europe we are still Maltese. Prime Minister is doing well he is protecting our nation. WAKE UP EUROPE, WE LOVE YOU MALTA.

Charles F

- Thu 11-Jul-2013, 09:37

DR.Muscat STOP this infux of illegals, whatever it takes!


- Thu 11-Jul-2013, 09:19

Just take a look at this,is this our future.



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