Bronze monument in honour of Robert Naudi unveiled

On Tuesday evening a ceremony with the unveiling of a bronze monument was held in Msida in honour of Robert Naudi, a former Labour MP who served from 1976 till 1987. 

Naudi was best described as a good man who was honest, sincere and part of the family by those who were close to him.

The monument of Robert Naudi, who died in 2008. was unveiled by the Minister of Sustainable Development, the Environment and Climate Change, Leo Brincat.

During this ceremony a number of guests shared their thoughts and memories that they had of Robert Naudi wehre some also explained that he was more than their doctor or a friend but more of a family member to them.

Judge Emeritus, Philip Sciberras, mentioned how Naudi was an expert in his profession, but above all he had compassion for the sick.

In a speech the Mayor of Msida, Margaret Baldacchino Cefai, spoke on how Robert Naudi was an exemplary and honourable man who worked hard for his country not only in the social field but also politically.

The monument was sculpted by the sculptor, Ganni Pace. 

Photos by – Lemon Tree Pictures

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Comments (3)

Joseph Grech-Attard

- Thu 11-Jul-2013, 12:01

A great man. A gentleman. A colleague with whom I worked during the infamous political doctor's strike of 1977, as well as members of the first medical group, the Pegasus Medical Services Group. He merits to be remembered for his professional/social/political/human contribution not only to Msida, but to the Whole nation. His work is still exemplary to this very day. Pray for us Robert.

He was a saint

- Thu 11-Jul-2013, 08:44

I had the grace from Heaven to have known Dr.Robert Naudi a few years before he died from the Millenium Chapel.He was saintly in words and deeds. I remember distinctly telling him that my daughter was facing a most difficult exam the following day and that she had practically given up hope. With a most reassuring disposition he invited me to pray together. He prayed in tongues, he was communicating with God in a most direct personal way. My daughter not only passed the exam, but with flying colours. The same can be said of his sister Marlene. This family is one of those as described in the Holy Book as the salt of the earth. I am sure that Robert is smiling at us.

Odette Portelli

- Wed 10-Jul-2013, 22:10

Such a good honest & kind person.
He was loved by everyone as he was so kind.

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