Pope Francis "no frills" for Lampedusa visit

Monday, 08 Jul 2013, 12:20


Pope Francis has said Mass for migrants on Italy's tiny island of Lampedusa, condemning the "global indifference" to their plight.

Pope Francis will use an old, borrowed Fiat as a pope-mobile on his first papal visit to the islansd, two days after telling trainee priests to avoid driving flashy cars.

During his visit to the Mediterranean island of Lampedusa he will drop a wreath into waters where thousands of migrants have drowned in recent years as they attempted to reach Europe from Africa.

Seven migrants drowned in June while they tried to cling to a tuna net being used by a Tunisian fishing boat near Malta.

On Saturday, he warned an audience of trainee priests and nuns against using the latest mobile phone or the fastest car telling them it hurts his heart to see a priest with the latest model car.

The Pope told them to think about children dying of hunger in the world.

Pope Francis is well known for shunning the trappings of Papal office. After his election he travelled back to his hostel in a mini-bus rather than a stately limousine and chose to live in a modest Vatican residence rather than the large Papal apartment.

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Comments (1)

ton c

- Tue 09-Jul-2013, 21:23

In a short while we shall hear an encyclical or Papal Bull, ordering the Vatican and all the Curias all over the world to sell their properties and give all to the poor.
That will be the day of rejoicing in a truly poor Church


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