CMB: Gonzi unable to lead PN

It was revealed that Lawrence Gonzi was not able to understand the behavior that some of the back benchers had. He also was not able to stop any of the unacceptable attitudes of those who used to dictate to him the agenda.

This was all revealed by the former Minister for Justice and Home Affairs, Carm Mifsud Bonnici, during an interview while speaking on hot issues regarding how the Nationalist Party works.

Lawrence Gonzi did not understand the reason that led to a number of decisions taken by some of the back benchers and also their attitude.

He disregarded the importance of those situations where the same back benchers that were ignored had managed to cause trouble, the former Minister for Justice and Home Affairs revealed in an interview with The Malta Independent.

During this interview, Mifsud Bonnici said that Gonzi was not capable to stand up to those who had a certain attitude where it eventually led to them leading him the way instead of the other way round. 

He also said how the fact that Gonzi was instantly chosen as the Prime Minister left him disadvantaged as he didn’t have time to adapt as the leader of the party. Gonzi also had serious problems to solve because of the disagreement within the Nationalist Party.

These situations had led Lawrence Gonzi to a point where he was no longer capable of serving the post as the Prime Minister.

During the interview, Carm Mifsud Bonnici, revealed how the landslide that the Nationalist Party had suffered during the past election had long been expected. Indications began during the Euro-Parliament elections in 2009, when the news of the separation and disagreement in the National Party was becoming public.

When asked about the proposed judicial review by the New Government, Mifsud Bonnici said that he welcomes this initiative and that he agrees with the terms of reference.

On the 30th of May 2012, Carm Mifsud Bonnici was forced to resign from the cabinet after a vote of mistrust. This was after the former Nationalist Member of Parliament, Franco Debono, had pushed forward a motion.

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Comments (13)

George Farrugia.

- Mon 10-Jun-2013, 11:33

He had seen the result of what happens when someone neglects his people.He was ruled by someone else. The result was seen in the in the last election,never expecting the big difference in the votes.

@ Phlip Rizzo

- Sun 09-Jun-2013, 11:03

U fallew il-finanzi tal-Partit.Din zgur mhix ic-cherry on the cake tal-finanzi fis-sod. Nahseb tant huwa kbir li l-assi tal-partit ma humiex bizzejjed biex jaghmlu tajjeb ghad-dejn.Dies Irae, Dies Illa.


- Fri 07-Jun-2013, 11:27

Fallew il-kaxxa ta' Malta,
Farrku il-qrati ta' Malta,
u issa biex jiggeddu hatru:
zewg Vici Kapijiet AVUKATI
Segr. Generali AVUKAT
President tal-Kunsill AVUKAT
President Exekuttiv AVUKAT
President Amministrativ AVUKAT
u sahansitra Tezorier AVUKAT.

kemm jien sodisfatt li fl'ahhar ivvutajt PL>

George Farrugia.

- Wed 05-Jun-2013, 08:24

Everything is coming to light now.So the PL was speaking the truth .We knew about it.Now it is themselves they are admitting.There shoud have been resignations for the many mistakes done.But they were not done.

l fenech

- Wed 05-Jun-2013, 07:02

U issa jasal ir-rapport fuq it-telfa kolozzali u jghid li kien l'ahjar gvern mill-gwerra l'hawn.

Gharaxni halli nidhaq.


- Tue 04-Jun-2013, 16:13

That Dr. Gonzi was not a leader is no big discovery. The extent of all this will most probably emerge when the Whistleblogger Act is in force. I will not be surprised if the unthinkable comes to light.Nil inultum remanebit, meaning nothing will remain hidden.

Pair of string hands

- Tue 04-Jun-2013, 12:11

The song by Sandie Shaw puppet on a string comes to mind.

Perhaps we can dedicate this one to Gonzipn.

joseph sultana

- Tue 04-Jun-2013, 09:16

u issa tibqghux issemmuh lil Gonzi. Erhulu, issa dak spicca. Ahjar naraw li hemm minfloku, ghax jidher li hu aghar minn Gonzi!

Kris Camilleri

- Tue 04-Jun-2013, 07:15

Thank you c m b for telling us ALL this, although, we knew about his lack of leadership. But coming from you, makes it more 'pretty'. However, what about all those HUGS, and SMILES, before and after your downfall ?

mark Cassar/Qormi

- Mon 03-Jun-2013, 21:21

Iz-zejt beda tieghla fill-wicc...issa naraw x'hemm fill-qih?

Jonas Cord Jr.

- Mon 03-Jun-2013, 20:35

The title Prime Minister was only a nomenclature when in reference to Dr Lawrence Gonzi. The reason being that it had long been known by one and all that Dr Lawrence Gonzi was not the real Prime Minister.


- Mon 03-Jun-2013, 19:37

CMB - you should be ashamed for your comments. It shows that you are not only incompetent, but that you are corrupt to the core.

GonziPN was a decade of EVIL and CORRUPTION. A Shameful chapter in the history of this young nation, and you participated in bringing shame to this country.

Don't come to talk of leadership. You have to crawl out the moral hole you are in before you can even start to contemplate leadership skills.


- Mon 03-Jun-2013, 16:07

f'kelma wahda, ma kellux il-kwalitajiet necessarji biex ikun leader.

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