PM: “We left a good impression on the EC”

Sunday, 02 Jun 2013, 12:01


Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said that his team, comprising primarily of Dr Louis Grech and Prof Edward Scicluna, had left a very good impression on the European Commission when negotiating Malta’s conditions in relation to the country’s entrance into the Excessive Deficit Procedure.

Speaking on Radju Malta’s ‘Ghandi Xi Nghid’, Dr Muscat said that the government was adamant that it would not be made to cut down on its budgetary expenditure, and it had succeeded in convincing the EC. He explained that last year the previous government had been closed off in a room and told by the EC that he would not be let out until he reduced his expenditure by €40 million.

Dr Muscat explained that his government had presented strong arguments and had shown that it had a clear plan for economic growth. “We showed the EC that we knew what we were doing and that we are the one holding the reins. We showed that we have a strong majority to implement reforms, and that we would not be wasteful,” Dr Muscat said.

The PM went on to describe the Opposition’s criticism in relation to the Excessive Deficit Procedure as surreal. The Opposition had originally denied that the deficit was a consequence of that which had happened last year, and then had said that the government had entered the procedure ‘on purpose’.

Finally, the Opposition had said that the EC had imposed the procedure because it was not convinced of the government’s plans for 2013. The PM reiterated that the government had actually presented the same plans of the previous Nationalist government. The Opposition was therefore saying that the EC was not convinced of the budget the Opposition itself had prepared when in government.

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Comments (1)

Alan Frendo

- Sun 02-Jun-2013, 20:46

Keep up the good work.
Lets make the economy grow,I m sure that together with your team you can succeed.

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