Woman drops all charges against partner

Thursday, 30 May 2013, 14:34


Stephen Vella, 34, from Qormi was Thursday morning acquitted from all accusations held against him after attempting to seriously injure his girlfriend in 2011 on Valentine’s Day.

The woman renounced all criminal action that were held against him and announced that the couple are now back together.

When she testified she had said that during a hot argument the accused had punched her multiple times where she then ran to the balcony to cry for help. Vella then followed her and grabbed her by the hair, pushed her on the bed and placed a pillow on her face with the intention of suffocating her.

The women struggled to escape and managed to kick him off. She ran into another room where her first reaction was to try and make an emergency phone call. Vella followed her into the room where he pulled out the telephone cable and wound it around her neck for a few seconds. He then stopped and just left.

During the attack the woman had suffered from minor injuries.

The case was taken into consideration by Magistrate Audrey Demicoli where she said that since the woman had filed the police report she had the right to renounce the case.

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Comments (2)


- Fri 31-May-2013, 11:40

Poor woman,how shortsighted.By all means forgive him but say goodbye to him forever and if by any chance you come to know his next girlfriend just tell her what you passed through with him.

James A. Tyrrell

- Thu 30-May-2013, 15:55

Yeah good decision. Let the bastard off with it. Maybe next time he'll kill you!

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