Plenty to smile about as Malta places 8th in ESC

Sunday, 19 May 2013, 01:38


After a long absence, Malta is now back amongst the top ten European nations out of the 39 competing. Gianluca Bezzina and his team's performance, put Malta in the eighth position where nearly all countries voted for Malta's song 'Tomorrow'.

San Marino was the first to vote and gave Malta 10 points. Then Malta got another 10 points from Norway and Italy, 8 points from the Netherlands, Azerbaijan and Hungary, 7points from the UK and Belarus,6 points from Armenia, 5 points from Romania,Estonia, Germany, Iceland and Latvia, 4 points from Denmark, 3 points from Greece, FYR Macedonia, Cyprus and Georgia, 2 points from the Ukraine and France, 1 point from Spain.

Sweden, Albania, Austria, Israel, Serbia, Finland, Bulgaria, Belgium,  Russia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Croatia, Switzerland gave Malta no points.

Gianluca's face was beaming, smiling incessantly throughout the 3-minute outstanding performance on the stage of Malmo arena in Sweden. With his smile he stole many a heart, and even votes.

Meanwhile, Coldplay Worldwide, a fan group of the British band Coldplay, tweeted that they really loved the song and have voted for Gianluca, wishing him luck.



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Comments (2)


- Mon 20-May-2013, 14:36

Congratulations Gianluca well done!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michael Gatt

- Sun 19-May-2013, 14:06

Proset tassew Gianluca you made Malta proud

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