Dalligate: Barroso told to attend EP hearing

German MEP Inge Gräßle has called on the commission to "shed light" on the circumstances surrounding the resignation of former EU health commissioner John Dalli.

Dalli says he was forced to quit by commission president José Manuel Barroso over allegations that he was aware of an attempt by a business associate to alter draft EU legislation in return for cash.

Gräßle has been joined in her demands by former Alternattiva Demoratika leader Arnold Cassola who said, "In the name of transparency, Barroso should present himself to explain his behaviour in the whole affair."

Their comments come in the wake of the recently leaked report by the supervisory committee of Olaf, the EU's anti fraud agency, on the Dalli case.

The report, leaked and published earlier this month in Malta, has further fuelled speculation about the circumstances surrounding the affair, including Dalli's resignation.

On Wednesday, Gräßle said, "The supervisory committee report is an impressive document of breaches of the law, infringements of basic rights and sloppy investigative work of the Olaf director general."

Gräßle, who is spokesperson for the EPP group in the budgetary control committee, added, "If this is the way an investigation is conducted against an EU commissioner, what would an investigation against normal officials look like?"

The committee will be holding a meeting with the supervisory committee - which said the Olaf investigation was riddled with irregularities - EU anti-fraud commissioner Algirdas Šemeta and Olaf chief Giovanni Kessler all in attendance on 29 May.

Cassola says that Barroso should be asked to attend the meeting in parliament.

Dalli was asked to resign by Barroso on 16 October on the strength of a draft report by Olaf alleging that Dalli was aware of the bribery attempt.

In a statement, Gräßle says the whole case suggest more deep-seated problems at Olaf, which has come under fire in the past for the effectiveness of its investigations.

She added, "We need to look at other cases, because Olaf's supervisory committee points towards systemic problems.

"The resignation of the Olaf DG is the bare minimum, but this would not end the case. The commission must shed light into this case," Gräßle said.

The German deputy has called for a special session of the budgetary control committee. The way the investigation was hindered was "embarrassing and unworthy of European institutions", she added.

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Comments (5)


- Thu 16-May-2013, 23:10

Kif Gonzi ma jissemmgha imkien f'dan l'artiklu specjalment kif pront pront
1. Qaccat il- Dalli flok appogah f'gieh Malta!

2. Kellu il-Tonio Borg lest biex jehodlu postu u jghatih promotion UPTAIRS!

3. Jgib dak li qal li kien jigdeb l'Ewropa bhala Deputat tieghu u gabu jigdeb hawn biex spicca hadlu postu!

XEJN MA JSIR B'KUMBINAZZJONI .... U Gonzi IMDAHHAL SEW minn barra u min gewwa!

X'se jsir?

- Thu 16-May-2013, 23:08

Korruzzjoni istituzzjonalizzata fil-Kummissjoni tal-UE.

Xi haga differenti li smajt u tajjeb li l-Gvern jaghti kas taghha.

Fid-dipartiment tal-income tax kien hemm wiehed li f'25 qatt ma mar ghax-xoghol u issa qieghed imur.

Imma hemm iehor li huwa wkoll bejjiegh fuq il-monti li xorta wahda baqa jippancja filghodu u jitlaq biex imur jahdem fuq il-monti waqt li qed jithallas mill-gvern mit-taxxi taghna.

Meta se jittiehdu passi halli dan jew jidhol jahmel xoghlu jew jitlaq u jmur jahdem fuq il-monti imma mhux jibqa jithallas ta xejn mill gvern?


- Thu 16-May-2013, 18:57

We have already thrown out their local counterparts. Now it is the turn of these two comedians (for want of a far more appropriate name)!!!!!

l fenech

- Thu 16-May-2013, 18:13

Well done Inge Grable. Barroso is good for shaking hands and posing for photos.

He should resign for the scandal on the way he treated John Dalli.

Shame on Gonzi who never stood up for John Dalli a maltese citizen like himself. Minn Malta qala' majnata.

Barrozo is of the opinion that because Malta is a very small country he can do with it whatever he likes.

Merkle, Hollonde and the rest would have given him a proper reply to all the incinuations.


- Thu 16-May-2013, 17:04

How can an honest European citizen have faith in the leaders of Europe.We joined Europe for a better living.How can we achieve this when even a commisioner was not even given the chance to defend himself.Are we living under a DICTATORSHIP.BARROSO and KESSLER clique should resign immediately. Is this what the European citizen is expecting from people who are very highly paid.What about the man in the street.What are his chances to be defended by European big heads.


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