PN councilors vote in favour of two deputy leaders’ motion

The Nationalist Party councilors voted in favour to the amendment to the PN statute,  whereby the party will have two deputy leaders.

The motion proposed for another deputy leader responsible for party affairs.

Busuttil said that the Nationalist Party is facing tough challenges and admitted that it needs to change its statute. In fact he admitted that the party should learn from past mistakes.

He called on the councilors and stated that the PN's door is always open. 

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Comments (9)

H Galea

- Thu 16-May-2013, 00:05

Deputy leaders are not pushed to show up. Any leader will act on his own to be counted.
He will not perform, something is holding him to come foreward.
Such a big party with on one to choose, shame.

Ganni Zejten

- Wed 15-May-2013, 19:57

fadal xi haga ohra x'tikkupjaw ?xmun u ic cirinew


- Wed 15-May-2013, 16:06

Dear Simon the least you had to do is to ensure that the majiorty of the ex minister will not be appoined shadow ministers. That would have been your first proof of your leadership. But, what? The "KLIKKA" is still as powerful as it was. Hate to say this but it seems gas down ghall gol hajt!


- Mon 13-May-2013, 06:28

Simple Simon says? Or Puppet Simon follows?


- Sun 12-May-2013, 21:03

Mhux li jghidulhom jghamlu , "il-MAGHZULIN" !


- Sun 12-May-2013, 19:10

Fitting the structures to the candidates, instead of finding candidates for the structures.

There is always a way round.


- Sun 12-May-2013, 19:03

The PN Councilors are like puppets: all one has to do is pull their string and they will respond!


- Sun 12-May-2013, 17:07

All that was wrong within the Labour Party is now being implemented in the NP. Ha ha ha!

l fenech

- Sun 12-May-2013, 15:51

Round and round the garden.........

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