The race for the PN leadership is on

Saturday, 04 May 2013, 11:46


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The race for the PN leadership election started this morning, with the four contenders ready to walk in Lawrence Gonzi's shoes, the former PN leader and Prime Minister.

Former tourism minister Mario de Marco, outgoing deputy leader Simon Busuttil, former foreign affairs minister Francis Zammit Dimech and outsider Raymond Bugeja.

The newly elected leader would succeed Lawrence Gonzi, who led the party in government since 2004.

Today PN councillors will cast their first vote to elect their new leader. If none of the four contenders receive two thirds of the votes today, another vote will be taken on Wednesday after the bottom placed candidate is eliminated.

There are 913 PN councillors; with 874 eligible to vote in today’s election. The number of votes which were cast early was 27 and by 11.00h today, 191 had already voted.

The election of a new leader follows the March 9 general election where incumbent leader Lawrence Gonzi stepped down following the Labour Party landslide victory, with a difference of 36,000 votes.

Voting started at 10:00h and continues till 21:00h in Malta while in Gozo the ballot boxes opened at 09:00h and close at 18:00h before the votes cast are counted at the PN headquarters after 21:00h.

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l fenech

- Sat 04-May-2013, 16:55

What race?

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