Social tourism initiatives announced

Tuesday, 16 Apr 2013, 15:41


The new government will be implementing various initiatives to facilitate accessibility in the tourism sector, in particular improved travel opportunities in relation to social tourism.

Minister for Tourism Karmenu Vella revealed this when addressing a conference organized by the ACA (Accessibility for All Project Culture), in collaboration with the Malta Tourism Authority.

Minister Vella said that the concept of social tourism is built around the fact that tourism is an experience that everyone should have access to, without discrimination of age, physical abilities, income , status or social conditions.

He stressed that the experience of travel should be facilitated through investment mechanisms to be taken on by both the public and the private sector.

The Malta tourism policy for 2012-2016 will recognize growth opportunities in new areas, with the government working with all those involved in the tourism secotor to promote the concept of accessibility for all.

The Minister also explained how the government, along with the MTA and stakeholders, is working to strengthen the Maltese tourism product, improve accessibility and promote the Maltese islands.

The MTA, together with the National Commission for Persons with Disabilities, and Finland and Croatia is aiming to develop a culture that facilitates the concept of social tourism and accessibility for the disabled.


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Comments (1)

H Galea

- Wed 17-Apr-2013, 12:35

Minister Vells, let us not make the same mistaks as the previous administration about tourism.We spend all our income on this little island, also pay Tax etc.A tourist stays a few days,and I do not expect they be better respected then the locals.I do not wish to comment more then needed, but how about transport at Ta Qali.Are we at least equal, or second Class. If you have never traveled to this place, you should.

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