Discrimination against Muslims in Malta - report

Islamophobia and discrimination against Muslims is widespread in many European countries and prejudice towards Muslims is often greater than that experienced by other religious or ethnic minority groups. This also applies to Malta, according to a report by NGOs.

This is the conclusion of the first pan-European qualitative survey on Muslim communities in Europe, part of ENAR’s Shadow Report on racism in Europe 2011/12, released on International Day Against Racism.

The national report for Malta was prepared by The People for Change Foundation and Integra Foundation and published by the European Network Against Racism.

The report from Malta identifies a number of concerns as well as positive steps over the reporting period. It finds that the Muslim community in Malta is generally homogenised with terms such as ‘Arab’, ‘north African’, ‘illegal to refer to both individuals of a different ethnicity as well as belonging to the Muslim faith.. The report finds that many manifestations of racial and religious discrimination continued to be noted over the reporting period in various spheres of life, including employment, education, housing, healthcare, media, political participation, access to goods and services and the criminal justice process. Instances of hate crime were also reported.

The People for Change Foundation said that, on a positive note, the report highlights legal developments including the broadened scope of equality legislation and greater awareness and engagement by NGOs and community organizations within the policy-making sphere, which have started to have a positive impact. Sub-Saharan African migrants continue to be the community most vulnerable to racism and discrimination.

Jean-Pierre Gauci, Director of The People for Change Foundations said: ‘We need to ensure that there is political will to challenge discrimination and promote equality. There is greater need for all stakeholders to work together, and for strategic and coherent actions to be implemented in order to overcome the challenges of racial and religious discrimination in Malta and across Europe’.

For more information and to download the report visit: www.pfcmalta.org or www.enar-eu.org

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Comments (5)


- Wed 20-Mar-2013, 16:01

... and who is to blame for this discrimination, may I ask? There are also many Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs and a glut of other religions, believers and non-believers in Europe but they blend and integrate with the normal stream of life. Some Muslims refuse; some are fundamentalist, extremist and terroristic; some press for Sharia Law and almost all Muslim countries are highly and antagonistically discriminatory against Christians. Therefore I ask once more, with whom does the fault lie?



- Wed 20-Mar-2013, 13:36

How about the Discrimination against Christians in Muslim countries.


- Wed 20-Mar-2013, 12:31

Jien Naqbel ma wenzu ilMusulmani kull fejn kienu qatt ma jacettaw il kultura ta fejn jemigraw pero mhux fair lanqas li ikunu iridu jibdlu il kultuta ta fejn ma jaqblux hawn pajizna u irriduh jibqa kif inhu ghall dejjem perozhgur mhux accettabli li ninbidlu ahna u mhux huma

Roger Tirazona

- Wed 20-Mar-2013, 09:44

Inbiddlu l-kostituzzjoni biex ma nagħtux privileġġ lil reliġjon waħda biss fil-pajjiż, biex nagħtu l-pretensjoni li biex tkun "Malti", trid tkun ta' ċertu reliġjon biss. Malta tagħna lkoll, anke ta' mhux min hu Kattoliku.


- Wed 20-Mar-2013, 09:37

The fact is that most EU Muslims do not want to integrate into the society of their adopted country. They expect that country to adapt to THEIR ways, not the other way round.
If they want Sharija law and the way of life it entails, they can always go to Saudi Arabia- there is plenty of it there and they can REALLY feel at home!

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