Dalligate: Lawyer Gayle Kimberly to testify

Thursday, 14 Mar 2013, 16:58


According to police Inspector Angelo Gafa, there is not enough evidence in connection or against lawyer Gayle Kimberly for the police to press charges on her. Inspector Gafa said this in court today as the case of Silvio Zammit involved in the Dalligate scandal continues.

Inspector Gafa in his testimony in court said that the Maltese police did not stay only on the conclusions that came our from the OLAF report but he revealed that the police initiated investigations from scratch specifically to have a clearer picture of the events in this case.

Magistrate Anthony Vella decided that Dr. Gayle Kimberly is let to give her evidence during the compilation of evidence against Mr Zammit, despite objections from the defence lawyer.

She said she had received a call from Swedish Match saying that they knew that Mr Zammit could set up meetings with Mr Dalli and they asked her whether she was interested in helping them. She had to legally analyse the snus issue and help the lobby for the ban to be lifted.

Shortly before this afternoon's sitting started, defence lawyers Edward Gatt and Kris Busietta made a statement and insisted that Gayle Kimberly had to be declared as an inadmissible witness because she was indicated in the OLAF report as having been part of the bribe.

Gatt said that the OLAF report states a clear recommendation to the Maltese government and to the Attorney General for criminal charges to be filed against Kimberley for alleged bribery and trading in influence.

A lawyer and a lobbyist of Swedish Match, was asked by the company  to confirm if the meeting with Mr Dalli could happen. She added that she had asked for €5,000 for her services.

Silvio Zammit told her the meeting could happen and met two company representatives, Johann Gabrielsson and Henrik Ohlsen at the Hilton in Malta. They agreed that the basis of their argument for the lifting of the ban was that there was no evidence to back the claim that snus caused oral cancer.

Dr Kimberly said thay she met Mr John Dalli at his Portomaso office in the presence of Mr Zammit and Iosif Galea. She gave a presentation of the company’s arguments.

Mr Dalli was very sceptical because of the corporate interests involved and did not react to her arguments. "It was not like talking to a wall, he understood much more. He was not preconditioned.”

She informed the company, and its officials later sought a second meeting with Mr Dalli.

They also suggested that Mr Dalli could nominate someone from his cabinet to liaise with instead of contacting him directly all the time.

However Silvio Zammit told her that Dalli refused to nominate anyone from the cabinet, as he said he had no problems with anyone in the European Commission, except the French because they were ‘snobs’. He rquested that contacts should be made through Silvio Zammit.

She added that Mr Dalli’s main concern was "srtictly of business nature" , Mr Zammit had told her, and therefore they had to be prepared to pay millions to lift the snus ban.

She said she did not know who the money had to go through. 

Dr. Gayle Kimberly had had an extra-marital relationship with Lottery Gaming Authority compliance officer Iosif Galea, a man who is in business with Silvio Zammit through the circus promotion company JS Events and is also a colleague of Dr Kimberly at the Gaming Authority. Dr Kimberley represented Swedish Match in Malta.

The case continues as Dr Kimberly will be cross-examined.

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Comments (1)


- Fri 15-Mar-2013, 10:44

From the word go everyone was trying to save her neck.

Dalli refused to name her - saying that he forgot the name of the lawyer.

Yet she is the lynch pin that connects her lover and his business partner and Dalli and at the end of the day Swedish Match.

One has to question her integrity, her role at the LGA and much more. She is the one who should have know more than everyone else that what they are doing was illegal.

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