Heavier investment in Mariam Al Batool by new government

Friday, 01 Mar 2013, 20:07


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A new government will be ensuring a stable future for Mariam Al Batool school, as a model of educational diversity which needs to grow and develop as planned.

This was held by Labour leader Joseph Muscat earlier today during his visit to the Islam community in Paola. Joseph Muscat held that a new government will be clearing the school’s 400,000 euro debt, and held that this school is a source of fascination to many, as it is a curious mix of Islam students and teachers, as well as a Catholic head and teachers. The Labour leader held that Mariam Al Batool does not only have a special place in the Labour Party’s heart but also in its electoral manifest, which clearly outlines what will be done to improve this institution.

The Labour leader held that a new government will be establishing a consultative Council for the country’s foreign communities, which should be treated equally, just like their Maltese companions. He also held that the Labour Party’s ties with the Islam community went way back, despite receiving heavy critique for having organized an ‘iftar’ in the past two years.

In conclusion, Joseph Muscat recalled how the Labour Party had amended its own statute in order to include more than one faith. This was based on Labour’s principle that no citizen should be judged on a religious basis.

From his part, Imam Mohammed El Saadi thanked the Labour leader for his constant interest in the Islam community, and emphasized that his visit at the Mosque was the first of its kind, as Muscat was the first Labour leader to address the Islam community there. The Imam held that the Mosque was open to all, irrespective of their faith.

Saadi held that the Islam community will not be forgetting Muscat’s interest in them any time soon. Muscat has always been ready to listen and discuss with the community, even in his early days as Labour leader. He also held that when the school was going through financial trouble during the Libyan crisis, it was Joseph Muscat who had offered his sympathy and necessary aid to ensure the school would survive.

The Imam concluded by wishing the Labour leader success and luck, whilst holding that he was certain that Joseph Muscat would always be there to support the Islam community. Labour candidates Marie Louise Coleiro Preca and Alfred Grima were also present during this visit.


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