Alleged drug abuse at PN club unreported

Tuesday, 26 Feb 2013, 12:49


A case of alleged drug abuse during a 'party' organised at the Naxxar Nationalist Party Club last Saturday was not reported to the police.

The newspaper Orizzont revealed that during the 'party' it was noted that a number of suspicious people were entering and leaving the toilets.

When it was pointed out to the 'barman', the DJs suddenly stopped the music, but the bar stayed open until 2.00 am. The barman was heard warning them "tell them to stop entering and leaving the toilets, because the trafficking police are eyeing us! " [“għidilhom jieqfu deħlin u ħerġin mit-‘toilet’, għax bħalissa għajnejhom fuqna ta’ traffikar”].

It turns out that  Nationalist Deputy Leader Simon Busuttil was earlier also present at this 'party' . This was not the first time that the Naxxar Nationalist Club organizes similar parties, in fact arrangements were made such as dimmed lighting anf fitted carpets for the occasion.

On Sunday there was a similar activity both before and after the PN meeting, which occurred in the same location.

In a totally different background of what GonziPN is trying to depict, in the case of Safi Labour Club, the evidence was destroyed by the suspect, however the alleged drug abuse occuring at the Naxxar PN club was not reported by the PN, even though many officials said they would have done in a similar situation like "Safi".

In a press conference, yesterday afternoon, where nothing was revealed, Deputy Clyde Puli refused to give a guarantee that no abuse and/or  drug trafficking is occuring in Nationalists' clubs. Asked by Orizzont, he replied that the only a guarantee he could give is that he would have acted differently in the Safi case.

Present at the same conference was the new Nationalist candidate Claudette Buttigieg, who denied that she knew of any drug abuse cases in the vicinity of her home. 

See also similar stories at PN clubs: 

[VIDEO]: Prostitute in action at PN club in Gżira

4 convicted on drug charges in PN Mosta club



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Comments (2)

Mary Cauchi

- Tue 26-Feb-2013, 15:02

Qed tara fejn hi l-onesta li jiftahru biha! Hah hah ha! Waqa l-ghass!


- Tue 26-Feb-2013, 14:12

Dear Claudette, usually there are alot of kids at churches too and especially at the playing area of naxxar!!! Are you going to TVM aka NET 2 to talk about the drugs close to the kids playing area now? HYPOCRITES!

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