Maltese woman to compete at Worlds for Alpine Ski, 2014 Olympics

Wednesday, 30 Jan 2013, 13:31


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Downhill skier Elise Pellegrin has been carving it up since the days of bunny hills at the young age of three. Pellegrin was born on May 7th, 1991, in Blois, in the region of Loir-et-Cher in France.

When she was three years-old, she watched her brother ski in her hometown of Ventron, in Les Vosges, France. Watching him she was inspired to compete. At the local ski-hill Frere-Joseph she started competing and won her first competition at the age of eight years-old. This is what started the avalanche of passion that she has ridden to being the professional skier that she is today.

In 2011 she won the women’s downhill title “Champion des Vosges”. When Pellegrin was 10 years-old she was interviewed on a radio station about the local ski hill. It was during that interview that she shared her Olympic dream for the first time.  Through her perseverance and family support this dream is about to come true!

Pellegrin’s Great Grandfather was born in Malta and moved to France for work. It was this connection that pushed her to seek Maltese citizenship. In doing so she was the perfect candidate to compete for Malta at the FIS Alpine Ski World Championships in Schladming, February, 2013 and at the 2014 Olympics in Russia.  

For Pellegrin this is a great honour and a huge opportunity of a lifetime to connect her Maltese and French roots.

Pellegrin is currently studying a diploma in Business Management. Her future ambitions include coaching and teaching both French and Maltese children how to ski. She hopes to bring her passion of ski to Malta. 

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Outside of her world of ski, Pellegrin enjoys cycling, roller skating, volleyball, shopping, and above all spending time with friends and family.


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