Man robs supermarket in Burmarrad

Thursday, 03 Jan 2013, 16:48


A man who robbed Scotts Supermarket at 15.30h of Burmarrad road, Burmarrad is wanted by the police.

The robber, who is about 6ft tall, was hooded and armed with an iron rod, entered alone in the supermarket grabbed a salesgirl from her hair and demanded money, the police stated. 

He fled the scene in a blue station wagon.

Noone was injured but several people are being treated for shock.

A magisterial inquiry is being held.

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Comments (2)

Lawrence Fenech

- Fri 04-Jan-2013, 10:17

Illum hekk sirna bas-slavagg kullhadd lest biex jerfa idejh fuq nies ta' l'affari taghhom
anki gol hwienet.

H Galea

- Thu 03-Jan-2013, 20:19

Was this news of any importance. Expect police should have given more information if they expect

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