Debono: a thorn in GonziPN's side till the end

In the wake of the incident at the Where's Everybody studios in Qormi last Friday, when PBS decided to postpone the edition of Xarabank about to go on air rather than let PN MP Franco Debono speak on prime time TV, Debono pledge to remain a thorn in the GonziPN side till the election.

Speaking to independent newspapers Illum and MaltaToday, Debono said:

"It was the only avenue left for me. I had declared my intention to vote against the Budget, which is no simple thing in July. However I was never invited to appear on PBS since then to talk about this matter. Instead, PBS and Where's Everybody attempted to discredit and ridicule me."

He added that the state of affairs at PBS was one of the reasons why he voted against the Budget and brought government down.

Writing on his very own blog on Sunday, Debono added: 

"After almost six months from when I declared I would not support the government in the Budget because democracy degenerated into an Oliagrchy and because of Austin Gatt’s scandals, I have been invited on PBS for the FIRST time on TVHEMM next Monday.

Carm Mifsud Bonnici had to resign because he did not implement the necessary reforms in justice and home affairs. The Ministers appointed instead of him also failed to implement the Reforms.

I was the one to push for fundamental reforms and managed to ensure the split between justice and home affaiurs, and the right to legal assistance for arrested persons.

The reward I got from GonziPN for pushing for these reforms is a condemnation and electoral  ban!

PN should be ashamed to utter the word ‘justice’."

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Comments (3)

savour cachia

- Mon 17-Dec-2012, 11:17

Franco prosit ghamilt dmirek kif ivvutajt fil-budget. Issa tisparixxi, ohrogilhom indipendenti kemm-il darba temmen li l-kostitwenti jemmnu fik. H. emm cans tirbah ukoll cross-votes mill-votanti laburiti. Sfida l-oligarkija ta' Gonzi PN sal-ahhar u hekk tikkonferma l-irgulija tieghek u kemm fil-fatt m'intix irrelevanti.

ganni iz zejtuni

- Sun 16-Dec-2012, 20:59

hawnhekk ana ezempju car ta bniedem li ma baza min hadd u min xejn bhal klikka ta mafja li jissirqu flus min fuq dahar il poplu ghal gieh is sewwa ,gustizja u ghal maltin u ghalhekk jien ippredendejt li ma jithalliex jerfa is salib wahdu ghax kemm JPO u mughliet u backbenchers ohrajn kellhom jastjenu fil budget u b,hekk is salib kien ikun hafna ehfef ghal franco

l fenech

- Sun 16-Dec-2012, 17:14

Dr. Franco Debono it is obvious that your choice is going independent I am sure there must be a high percentage of success being one. The saga with GonziPN is far from over.