[VIDEO] Franco Debono votes against Budget

Franco Debono voted against the approval of the budget and the Prime Minister now has three days to call on the President of the Republic to dissolve parliament and call an election.

Franco Debono recalled the reasons for his vote.

In December 2011, GonziPN had to resort to the Speaker’s casting vote in a no confidence motion in Austin Gatt. At the time Dr. Franco Debono, the 37-year old Ghaxaq MP had abstained, a decision he has recently repeatedly regretted. Franco Debono has said that he should not have abstained bit voting against. He claimed that this decision was motivated by a promise of change, which never materialised. Franco Debono then voted for the removal of Minister Carm Mifsud Bonnici and the PN Executive banned him as well as Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando and Jesmond Mugliett from standing on the PN ticket for the forthcoming general election.

For the last two months, Dr. Debono has repeatedly said that he would vote against the government if Austin Gatt were still a cabinet member. Lawrence Gonzi was well aware of this precarious position in Parliament but nevertheless plodded ahead and presented this administration’s budget as late as possible, to ensure a 2013 election. The government disregarded a motion of no-confidence in Austin Gatt and decided to call Franco’s Debono’s bluff.

The instability and uncertainty in the country were of secondary importance to GonziPN.  Lately GonziPN spoke about the importance of the approval of the budget, but although he had he powers to act in the interests of the country by either moving the budget earlier, or by bringing up for discussion the motion of no-confidence in Minister Austin Gatt. The Labour Party as well as Franco Debono had appealed to Lawrence Gonzi to avoid this scenario but to no avail.

Austin Gatt has been at the centre of controversy throughout this legislature. He has arrogantly moved ahead with issues that were criticised by almost everyone. His insistence on the BWSC, Fairmount, Arriva and ARMS issues was glaring. The Prime Minister has backed Austin Gatt even to the extent of putting his government on the line by citing collective responsibility in defense of Gatt.   

The Ghaxaq MP concluded by saying that he can no longer back this oligarchy. He said that PBS is a representative of the PN and that he was never invited on PBS. The country belongs to all of us and not to a a clique. He said that this is the first step in real democracy and that nobody is above the law. He also said that the Minister for Finance should shoulder responsibilities. I have the privilege and the honour to vote against the budget.

Franco Debono explained that the Gonzi government achieved an electoral victory with a meagre majority of 1,500 votes. He said that Gonzi himself had said that problems started within 48 hours and he criticised the government for the Euro 500 increase given to himself and his clique behind everybody's back.

Dr. Debono requested time to explain the reasons behind his vote today. He said that although the government knew well enough that the budget would not be approved. 

The Speaker asked Franco Debono to conclude his speech.

Franco Debono referred to the Prime Minister's declaration that his government completed his legislature. He said that the government was happy at the expense of the people who were unhappy. At great sacrifice he maintained his stance against the oligarchy of the Gonzi administration.  

Dr. Debono criticised the government for going ahead with the budget when a motion against a Minister remained pending. He said that he could not understand how the Prime Minister backed Austin Gatt when his actions when harming the country and the party.

The Ghaaq MP also highlighted the failed political decisions of Austin Gatt and he re-iterated the statements he has made over the last few months that as long as this person remained in Cabinet he cannot vote for this budget.

Franco Debono has confirmed that he cannot vote in favour of the budget. The Prime Minister has known of this scenario and he should have mentioned the number of issues that were mismanaged by the government, especially those such as BWSC, the ARRIVA fiasco, the acquisitio of St. Philip's Hospital and the proposal for the privitization of car parks. The Prime Minister has ignored the fiasco of Austin Gatt

Parliament has only been suspended for 5 minutes before the vote follwoing PM Gonzi's speech. Franco Debono expected to speak and explain his vote.

GonziPN Whip David Agius has been trying to convince Franco Debono in Parliament to rethink his decision to vote against the Budget. However this last-ditch attempt does not seem to be working as Debono looks determined in his intention.

EARLIER: PM Gonzi has concluded his speech. 

Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando and Jesmond Mugliett have arrived in Parliament in the middle of PM Gonzi's speech. They already said they will vote in favour of the Budget.

PN MP Franco Debono has arrived in Parliament at around 7pm, thus missing the first part of Prime Minister's Gonzi speech which started sometime after 6.30pm as scheduled.

The situation outside The Palace is reported as being calm.

In his speech PM Gonzi said:

"If budget is not approved, tomorrow I will go to the President and ask him to dissolve Parliament. And I will give him a date for dissolution and the election date. In any case the election must be held in the first months of next year."


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Comments (15)


- Tue 11-Dec-2012, 09:33

Gonzipn needs a drastic overhall it will take years but the people of Malta must vote for this next March. Franco must be part of this like it or not.


- Tue 11-Dec-2012, 09:17

Good shot Franco. You showed everyone you got guts. Keep it up, the PN needs a man like you as a leader.

Criss Camilleri

- Tue 11-Dec-2012, 08:11

Dr Franco Debono SHOWED everyone that he does have a pair of KOOKS, unlike the others that only complained against gonziiiipeeeenn, BUT still Voted in favour.

Criss Camilleri

- Tue 11-Dec-2012, 08:01

U is-S-sur mulgiet, mhux ukoll ivota favur, wara li kien tnehha min ministru b' SMS. U ma jistax johrog mal peee enne. And you mr shawn [????????]as far as we are concerned you can remain a peeee ennn even after this LIFE lollllll. This is a democratic e-Paper, as if it was your bicca gazetta li ktiebt inti hawn taht ma kienx jidher. Viva il mexxej taghna Dr. Joseph Muscat. U meta tikteb ghamel ismek kollu, u il vera isem.Llloollllll

Swan Song

- Tue 11-Dec-2012, 07:54

Debono's last swan song needs to be remembered throughout the campaign. Here is one of their own admitting that the PBS is an extension of the PN, that we do not live in a democracy, and that inspite of promises that things would change in January nothing did change. How can we believe the PN's promises for change?They have let us down so often.

Emanuel Gauci

- Tue 11-Dec-2012, 00:49

Prosit Franco.


- Mon 10-Dec-2012, 22:56

bla bla bla . still PN for life even if you like it or not. 25 years has been and i would like to see if someday PL can do a 25 years in a run lol im sure not. well now ww will wait and see hopefully PL will win next election and will go down after approximitly 2 years loool wait and see :))

H Galea

- Mon 10-Dec-2012, 22:34

Where there is a will, there is a way. Proud of YOU...the mustard seed has done the change.THANKS


- Mon 10-Dec-2012, 21:41

Thank you Franco.


- Mon 10-Dec-2012, 21:38

JPO ma bsartx li sejr tivvota favur jien nahseb li fil pozzizjoni tieghek imissek ghalinqass astjenajt u mhux hallejt li Franco Debono wahdu .prosit franco int sejr tibqa imsemmi ghal l'onesta

Joe Fenech

- Mon 10-Dec-2012, 21:17

F lahhar se tasal is sija li nivota l ewwel darba il PL. ex PN genwin.


- Mon 10-Dec-2012, 21:16

Franco Debono is a polition'con le palle',politicians should never be a yes man.Others should learn from this from both sides.

Willie Grech

- Mon 10-Dec-2012, 20:54

S'issa Franco dejjem qal li mhux ser jivvota favur. Ghadu qatt ma qall li ser jivvota kontra.

Good job Franco

- Mon 10-Dec-2012, 20:48

Franco is explaining why he is going to vote against teh budget.

Good job Franco.

You have shown the people that you have a pair of balls better then The Gonz

l fenech

- Mon 10-Dec-2012, 20:00

Ta'zgur biex Gatt u il-bella kumpannija jibqaw fil-"Care taker goverment"