Gonzi warned not to replace Dalli with Tonio Borg


Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi has been warned to avoid the embarrassment of nominating Deputy Prime Minister Tonio Borg to replace John Dalli as EU Health and Consumer Policy Commissioner as he would be turned down by the European parliament because he lacks the right credentials on civil rights.

Tonio Borg is known for his openly homophobic views which he expressed in parliament when the rent law was being amended and the Labour Opposition proposed that the rights of gay co-habiting couples should be protected. Borg had derided that proposal and led the government side to oppose it and defeat it. Borg is also known for his anti-divorce stance.

In October 2004 José Manuel Barroso, the then incoming European commission president, was put under strong pressure to dump Italy’s Rocco Buttiglione, a professed opponent of women's and gay rights, as the next commissioner for justice and security, after the European parliament's civil liberties committee rejected his appointment.

It was the first time MEPs rejected a designated commissioner. Buttiglione had to withdraw as a Commissioner proposed by Italy.

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Comments (9)


- Fri 19-Oct-2012, 17:49

Let's hope gonzi keep embarrassing himself, he's a professional at that


- Fri 19-Oct-2012, 17:30

Borg is not only the Gonzipndcg member who is against gay and divorce.Remember the primeminister that voted against the people wish against divorce.


- Fri 19-Oct-2012, 17:07

This morning I heard this Ryan Callus, on 101, saying that he worked as an engineer .... now I found this information about him - directly from the Government website! Din xi kelma b´ohra..

Policy Co-Ordinator
Mr Ryan Callus

Ministry of Foreign Affairs,
Palazzo Parisio,
Valletta VLT-1171

Tel: (+356) 2204 2301
Fax: (+356) 21 233 616


- Fri 19-Oct-2012, 16:04

how about gonzi going there after all he is well known to have solid hands and he knows his way around there for all the timehe spends coming and going

GL Calleja

- Fri 19-Oct-2012, 15:15

Wait a minute. If you don't want Dr Gonzi to name Tonio Borg to replace John Dalli, may I suggest he nominates JPO or Franco Debono, that would be an excellent choice. That is no good either right? If you do not agree on any of those choices, how about nominating Austin Gatt for the job, now that is what I call an excellent choice, don't you agree?


- Fri 19-Oct-2012, 14:16

I think that he lacks the depth to take on such a post.

D. Scerri

- Fri 19-Oct-2012, 14:09

Apparti kemm hu maghruf li jhobb jghid kliem b'iehor!

l fenech

- Fri 19-Oct-2012, 12:57

Hallina Frank, sibt milk bottle extra large.

D Chircop

- Fri 19-Oct-2012, 12:12

Hu ftit diffiċli biex fi ħdan il-partit nazzjonalista jinstab xi ħadd li ma jkunx leccaculo tal-kurja. Kif jgħidu l-Beatles - We all live taħt il-gvern tal-qassisin.

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